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Join the Stress Test

Bring the server down to its knees! April 19, 2013

Join the Stress Test - Bring the server down to its knees!

The Closed Beta server opens its gates to the entire community on Wednesday. The goal is to have as many players as possible online to test our hardware capabilities. Bring your friends along and unleash the dragon within you.

We'll let in more and more players over the course of the evening (in several waves), until we have as many possible Auratians active ingame.

  • WHEN:  Wednesday 24th April from 17:00 until 22:00 CEST.
  • WHERE: European Closed Beta Server
Stress Test Activation Key: 
Activate on the REDEEM BETA KEY page.

The activation key has unlimited usage. Share it with your friends, rivals, grandparents and whoever else comes to your mind.

More info, such as where to download the game client can be found in the Stress Test Forum.

Auratia is expecting you!

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