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Major Open Beta Content Update

Ancient Shadow Festival, Wintertide and more July 3, 2013

Major Open Beta Content Update - Ancient Shadow Festival, Wintertide and more

Next week will signal the arrival of the first major Open Beta content update for Dragon’s Prophet, bringing a host of new features to the game.

The celebration of the annual Ancient Shadow Festival begins today in remembrance of the great Warthorne who sacrificed his life during the Second Dragon War. You can take part in this commemorative event by solving a series of quests and being rewarded with a unique title. Most importantly, this is an opportunity for Auratians to learn more about their deep past.

While the heat of summer encompasses Europe, a sign of what’s to come is emerging in the frozen landscape of Wintertide. Winter is well and truly coming to Auratia. Trample through this snowy new region with your dragons and explore three new dungeons.

Fresh new information about new gameplay features and screenshots of Wintertide villans such as Executioner Tarsheed and Yodrak Elkcrown are circulating. Click on the images below for a hint of what’s to come, and discover more icebergs of information floating across our official Facebook and Twitter over the coming days.

                      Executioner Tarsheed                                                 Yodrak Elkcrown                              

If all that wasn’t enough, you will soon be able to move into your very own home with the new "dream islands", utilize new commands to interact with your dragon in different ways and experience an increased level cap of 70.

Follow your destiny!

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