Welcome to the Dragon's Prophet patch overview page. This page gives you an overview of all the important Dragon's Prophet patches.

2nd Anniversary Patch

2nd Anniversary Patch - Patch: 3.0.1541.eu content 3.0.1541.eu

Bug Fixes

-  Oracle skill “Impact Core” was not translated. Now fixed.

-  Fixed an issue where two-headed dragon’s footsteps sound effects are not synchronized with its movement.

-  During Territory War PvE, non-habitants that are attacked by Air Defense Cannon can attack other players. Now fixed, after fix, Air Defense Cannon won’t attack players during non-war time.

-  Air Defense Cannon and Arcane Defense Unit’s image has error while under attack, now fixed.

-  Fixed an issue where Air Defense Cannons and Arcane Defense Units were affected by crowd control skills.

-  Fixed an error with the dungeon Counting System for dragon “Indigo Flame”.

-  Fixed a bug where the “Rescuing the Gleamers” quest item “Corrupted Gleamer Antidote” is not deleted after finishing the quest.

-  Added icons for “Sunbathed Stone” and “Moonshadow Crystal”.

-  Resolved an issue with the Quest “Skyhammer Battleground”, where the quest NPC is not displayed on world map and mini map.

-  Changed the name of the Palace of Methus mob “Steelsnarl Dusklord”, as he had the same name as a mob in Inartia.

-  Fixed the quest tracking location for quest “Torran Frontline Stronghold”.

-  These Inartia side quests have had their world map locations fixed: Secret 1, Secret 2, Secret 3, Secret 4, Emergency on the Front Line, Beneath the Volcano, Vengeance!  

-  Changed the description of the quest “Vilewing Drakento's Blood Ear Pendant refining - Becoming a Battleground Contestant”.

-  Resolved an issue with the Sitheran main quest “Penetrating Dragon's Eye” where the NPC Sabosha doesn’t show up in the location.

-  Fixed some texture bugs with dragons “Corrupted Razorspine Dragon” & “Corrupted Razorspine Dragon King”.

-  Fixed an issue with the Sitheran Public Event “Sitheran War” where the “Black Doom Dragon” gets stuck, and is not able to be attacked when led to somewhere downhill.

      -  Changed the Exploration and Reputation goal of the Sitheran Exploration achievement “Enter the Land of Death”, from 1700 to 1500.

      -  Resolved an issue where the “riding speed potion” effect was not working in the Sky Islands when there wasn’t a Territory War activated.                                                                                               

-  Resolved an issue where the Oracle skill “Flash Shadow” causes Stun on bosses and is not affected by Spirit Shield. The skill description has been changed.




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