What are the system requirements for Dragon's Prophet? 
Minimum Requirements:

CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or equivalent
Graphics Card: Nvidia 8600 GT or equivalent
Hard Disk: 20 GB free storage capacity
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, or Vista


CPU: i3 3220 3.3 GHz Dual Core or equivalent
Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 460 / AMD HD 5850 or equivalent
Hard Disk: 20 GB free storage capacity
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, or Vista
Where can I download Dragon's Prophet? 
You can download the game client from our download page.
Is it possible in Dragon's Prophet to customize the interface and use add-ons? 
Currently we do not allow external add-ons. However, you can adjust the interface to your needs using the game's internal system settings.
What classes are there in Dragon's Prophet? 
You can choose between Guardian, Ranger, Oracle, and Sorcerer. For more info, check out our class overview page.
May I create a Dragon's Prophet fansite and if so, where can I find the resources? 
You can find all the relevant info on our fansite page.
What age restrictions are there for Dragon's Prophet? 
The game has a rating of USK 12. We are currently applying for a PEGI 12 rating as well.

What languages is Dragon's Prophet available in?

Dragon's Prophet can be played in the following languages:
English, German, and French.
Does it cost money to play Dragon's Prophet? 
Dragon's Prophet is what's known as a free2play game. That means that you can download and play the game completely free of charge. There is the option to purchase additional content from the Marketplace. However, this is not required in order to play the game.

Exclusive Starter Packs

How do I receive my items? 
We will send you the key that you need to redeem your items via email to the account you ordered the pack with.

Once you have redeemed your key, the items will be delivered via in-game mail to the character you selected during the redemption process.
You can find a mailbox in every city.
How do I redeem my key? 
After purchasing your pack, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to redeem your key.
When will I receive my items? 
As soon as you purchase a pack, you will receive a key via email which you can redeem right away.
Will all my characters have access to the Diamonds, dragon, items, and title? 
All of your characters will have access to the Diamonds, title, and dragon. The rest of the items can be transferred between the characters on your account by placing them in a storage chest in your apartment/house.
I have already purchased a pack. Can I get more? 
You can redeem as many packs as you want on your account. The pack items will just add up, depending on how many you buy.

You can also redeem different types of packs.
Can I buy packs for my friends? 
Yes! You just have to give them the key that you receive via email so that they can enjoy the contents of their pack.
What is included in the packs? 
You can find a complete overview of the various pack contents here.

Frontier System

What is the Frontier System and what does it consist of? 
The Frontier System allows alliances to conquer the Sky Islands and it is made up of two main sub-systems, the Citadel and Highlord System
The Citadel System is the attack and defense of an island while the Highlord System ?is the governing and maintenance of the island.
Will the Frontier System be fully implemented on September 18th? 
We plan to launch Phase 1 of the Frontier System on the 18th. Phase 1 will consist of the first version of the Citadel System, which we will be calling the Alliance vs Alliance Battles. This will have some limitations and will not fully reflect the finished version. Please note that the Highlord System will be implemented at a later date.
Will all Frontier Islands be conquerable at launch? 
Not straight away, we will be implementing the AvA Battles on 1 island to begin with and more islands at a later date. The island that will be affected by the Territorial Wars will be E Baerton Swamp isle.
So i can start capturing the island as soon as i arrive there?  
You will need to start by attacking the Crystals within the zone, after defeating all of these you will be able to talk to an NPC which is located in the Southeast corner of the island to teleport you and your comrades to an instanced version of that island to start the Territory War.
Who will own the island at the beginning? 
The island will not be controlled by anyone, so it is a race to see who takes it first.
If another alliance owns the island, how can i start the Territorial War? 
Territorial Wars are made up of two phases:
  • Attack/Defend the Crystals (the amount of Crystals will depend on the size of the island)
  • Compete for Victory Points

In Phase 1 werden wir die Zeiten der Kriege manuell steuern.

Phase 1 - Attacking of the Crystals
To begin the first phase of the Territorial War, an attacking alliance must first destroy the Crystals that are placed across the island

Once an enemy player begins to deal damage to the Crystal(s), the defending alliance is provided with a 'Call to Arms' type warning message to alert them of the attack. The defending alliance will then be able to teleport to their island via the Frontier Map to begin their defense.

If the attacking alliance is successful in defeating the Crystals before a designated time, then Phase 2 of the Territorial War will commence at 20:00 CEST* and last for 2 hours.
*Subject to change and decided by Infernum during phase 1.

Phase 2 – Compete for Victory Points

Once the designated time has been reached, Phase 2 will begin in the instanced version of the island which will allow you to gather Victory Points. The first alliance to 500 points will gain control of the island

You can gain Victory Points by doing the following

  • Killing enemy players
  • Attacking/Defending the Stronghold
  • Gathering resources

Players can earn Personal Tactical Points during the war that they can invest in to Siege Weapons or NPCs that will support their alliance. These are reset after each war.
How do i gain Personal Tactical Points? 
You can gain these points by doing the following:

  • Killing enemy players
  • Killing Stronghold NPCs
  • Killing Guard NPCs
What if 500 points are not reached after the time limit is up? 
If no alliance is able to reach 500 Victory Points by the time the war ends, then the defending alliance will retain leadership over the island.
Can the Crystals be attacked at all times or only during specific time frames? 
During Phase 1 of the Frontier System, we will set up specific times for when the Crystals will respawn and announce the time via our website to give both attacking and defending sides a chance to prepare and rally their comrades.
Will i get any kind of currency for participating in the Territorial Wars? 
In the future you will be able to gain Vanquisher Insignias.
How many players can be in the same Territorial War at the same time? 
Currently, each island can hold up to 500 players during the war. If this number is reached, additional reinforcements will not be able to participate until there is sufficient room on the island.
How many alliances can take part in a Territory War? Is there a limit? 
There is currently no limit on how many alliances can take part in the war.
Is there anything i can do to improve my FPS during a Territory War? 
Yes you can, once a Territory War has begun, you will have the option to disable Friendly Combat Effects, Friendly Dragons and change the appearance of the defenders and attackers by the Territory War Display Settings.

Change the appearance of the defenders and attackers? What do you mean?
By using the same Territory War Display Settings, you can make all the defenders look blue and the attackers look red. This should further help with FPS and to quickly recognize between friend and foe.
What kind of siege weapons will be ready at launch? 
The following Siege Weapons will be available at launch:

  • Dragonflight Demolisher
  • Fearless Siege Chariot
  • Onslaught Battlebarge
  • Ragefire Behemoth
  • Cinderflail Chariot
Can i craft Siege Weapons or are they bought? 
During the first phase of the Frontier System, you will only be able to purchase Siege Weapons from an NPC by using Personal Tactical Points gained during the Territorial War. However, in the future we plan to make them craftable.
Will i be able to buy defense structures at launch? How can i place them? 
The first phase of the Frontier System on launch day will see these defensive structures in a fixed and pre-built position, but once the Highlord System is fully introduced you will be able to purchase and place them yourself.
Do they contribute to the Victory Points once destroyed? Can they be repaired? 
Defensive structures do not give Victory Points once destroyed, they are there to aid in the defense of the Castle, they will however respawn after a war has ended.
During the Territory War, what is the purpose of the Castle? Is there a reason why i should attack it? 
Once an alliance conquers the castle during the war, they will get more Victory Points than a Stronghold per minute. So if you want to have a better chance at winning the war, the Castle should be high on your objectives.

Also, defenders will revive at the Castle, so conquering this location will prevent them from spawning there. And lastly, defense structures can only be built in the Castle, making it the easiest position to defend if control of the Strongholds are lost.
Can i hire Mercenaries to aid in my battles? 
Yes, you can hire powerful Mercenaries from around the island to aid you in combat. First you need to show them who is boss by destroying their outpost first, once you have done this, simply interact with the central post and with Personal Tactical Points, you can hire them. But be warned, once they die they will no longer be under your control.
Will the hired Mercenaries be static or will they follow me? 
Once they are successfully hired, you will have an extra hotbar with the following commands:

  • Attack
  • Follow
  • Stay

This will allow you to have more direct control over them and have them attack high priority targets or defend strategic locations.
I want to spawn the mighty Siege Dragon, how and where can i do this? 
The ‘Mysterious Altar’ will spawn randomly during the Territorial War at a random location.
Once your alliance has found it, you can begin to summon the dragon by interacting with it. The more players that are involved with the summoning, the quicker the casting will be.

Once the summoning has been completed, the Commander will get a buff which will allow him/her to summon the mighty Siege Dragon once. If the Commander leaves the battle before spawning the boss, the new Commander will not gain the buff.
Can the Siege Dragon only be used by the Commander? Can it be controlled? 
Yes, the Siege Dragon can only be controlled by the Commander and he or she will be able to control the Siege Dragon with an extra hotbar that contains the following skills:

  • Attack
  • Follow
  • Stay

Is there any way to decrease the amount of PvP damage i take? 
We have implemented a new stat called ‘Toughness’. This will increase your Critical Damage-Resistance during PvP combat.
Where can i get this stat? 
You can purchase a Transformation Stone from the Adventurer Insignia Merchant in Arteicia.

Mounted Combat

I see there is a new bar underneath my Stamina, is this related to Mounted Combat? 
Yes, this bar will show you how long you can stay mounted for during combat.
Does the mounted combat energy constantly drain? Does the combat energy drain rate depend on attributes?  
Mounted Combat Energy will only drain when using Mounted Combat Skills, this means that it won’t drain if you are stood idle while mounted.
How can i replenish this energy? 
There are two ways of replenishing your energy:

  • Exiting combat will slowly regenerate this energy
  • Sorcerers and Guardians will gain a new skill to replenish a set amount.
How do i gain the Mounted Combat Skills? 
You can buy Mounted Combat Skills from the trainer in Arteicia.
How much do they cost? 
During Phase 1 of the Frontier System, they will not cost anything. Currencies will be introduced at a later date.
If i want to dismount a player, how can i do it? 
Dealing damage to the player can cause him/her to dismount, but in the future we plan to implement a new skill that will drag a player to the floor and off their mount.
Can i use Mounted Combat in Dungeons too? 
No, Mounted Combat can only be used in the Frontier.


With the closure of Satuma and Bakra, will there be new quests in the starting village at launch? 
Yes, all new characters will be able to participate in several new quests in the starting village.
How many new quests can we expect in Puretia? 
You will be able to take part in over 24 new quest lines during your travels in Puretia.
You state that a World Boss will be present at launch, How exactly will the World Boss function? 
The new World Boss will fly around Puretia looking for any Osiran it can get it’s hands on. To activate the Public Encounter, a player must travel to his perch location found at the end of the cliff between Liongate Outpost and Plurk Village Ruins. .

Once the World Boss has been triggered by attacking it, players will have to work together to attack the boss with the available siege weapons to lower his defense, only then can damage be dealt to him, but be careful...he can destroy your siege weapons. So make sure to keep them repaired and refilled with ammunition.

Once the World Boss is defeated, he will respawn roughly 4.5 hours later.
How many players should we take? 
We advise that you take roughly 20 players at Lv80 to stand a chance against him.
What rewards will we get for defeating the World Boss? 
Depending on your level of participation, players will receive different bundles that once unsealed, will grant the player with some epic loot. The better bundles can provide level 80 gear and even a very rare dragon.


With Arteicia becoming the new social hub, will there be new NPCs available? 
Yes, we will add three new NPCs during launch:

  • Adventurer Insignias Merchant with new items
  • Dragon Riding Skill Master
  • Teleportation Officer that will allow you to travel to any zone

Will they have Minimap icons?
Currently they do not, but we plan to implement them in the future.


Do Elite monsters only appear after a certain amount of the same monster types have been killed or do they appear at random? 
Yes, after a certain amount of the same mobs within Puretia have been killed, the Elite version of the monster will spawn.
What are the mechanics behind the new aggro system? Does it only depend on inflicted damage or do the different attacks have varying effects on aggro? 
The player with the highest DPS output will be attacked by the monsters except for when Taunt is used. After being used, this ability increases the probability that the monster will attack the player who used it but it does not guarantee it.

Healing now also plays a part in the aggro system, meaning that healers can gain aggro by simply healing too much.

Auratian Autumn Event

How do I receive my items? 
At the end of the Auratian Timekeeper event, you will receive an email with the key to redeem your items.
What level do I need to be in order to participate in the event? 
Players of all levels can contribute to the event.
What do I have to do to make sure my minutes are counted? 
All you have to do is actively play the game with your character.
Do I need to participate in the event to receive my rewards? 
In order to receive your rewards, you have to log into the game at least once between 20/09/2013 at 18:00 CEST (5pm UK) and 27/09/2013 at 18:00 CEST (5pm UK).
Can I also receive my rewards after the event? 
The rewards you receive via email key can be redeemed until 06/09/2013 at 23:59 CEST (10:59pm UK).

Revenge of the Bosses

How do I receive my items? 
Every time a goal is reached, everyone who actively participated in the event will receive the reward credited directly to their account.
What level do I need to be in order to participate in the event? 
Players of all levels can contribute to the event.
Does every dragon, level-up, and boss count? 
Every successfully captured dragon, every level-up (no matter what level), and every boss defeated will count.
Do I need to participate in the event to receive my rewards? 
In order to receive rewards, you have to log into the game at least once during the event period. In order to get all the rewards for an event, you must log into the game before the first goal is reached. If, for example, you log in for the first time after the first goal is reached, you will not get the reward for the first goal.
Can I also receive my rewards after the event? 
The rewards are secure and can be claimed by any of your characters at any time.

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