Starter Pack


What's inside?

Lady Vox Lady Vox

Immortal Seraph Costume Immortal Seraph Costume

1,000 Diamonds Diamonds 1,000

Backpack Expansion Card Backpack Expansion Card

Dragon Stable Expansion Card Dragon Stable Expansion Card

Server Channel Broadcasting Devices Server Channel Broadcasting Devices

Dragon Lair Expansion Cards Dragon Lair Expansion Cards

Starter Pack

All aspiring dragon warriors now have the opportunity to claim this unique Starter Pack for their upcoming adventures. It contains the shiny-golden Immortal Seraph Costume Set, which can be equipped by male and female characters alike. The unique Lady Vox is one of the most beautiful and rarest in-game dragons ever; whoever calls her their own will profit from her grace and determination in battle for a whole Osiran life.


On top of these, the Pack contains the following additional items:

1x Backpack Expansion Card – expands Backpack for world drops by 8 Slots

1x Dragon Lair Slot for levelling and training one additional dragon

1x Dragon Stable Slot for taking one additional dragon with you

5x Server Megaphone for use in the world chat – when you need advice or are looking for a guild

1,000 Diamonds for even more useful items you can buy from the In-game Marketplace 


All items will be delivered directly to your account storage after purchase.

Note: You can buy this Starter Pack once per account. Please note that this package won't be delivered to Steam Accounts.

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