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Visit Petrick’s bazaar now!

Green dragons, green costumes, green Petrick! March 17, 2017

Visit Petrick’s bazaar now! - Green dragons, green costumes, green Petrick!

Petrick collected loot feverishly and put it up in the marketplace!

Did you witness how a small pet pushes and pulls a giant dragon to get him to the bazaar? The little Petrick made every effort to stuff five dragons into just one Lucky Box. Green is apparently his favorite colour, but these dragon also look stunning in green!

Petrick’s Dragon Lucky Box



Petrick loves it comfy and safely on his couch. So you can also build your own comfy home, the fitting furniture pack including a solid stone house is now also available! Any springtime storm will do you no harm!


Petrick’s Furniture Box


And for everybody who loves gold and green, Petrick poked the Crystalline Chaos Dragon until he surrendered his Armor-, Weapon- and Dragon Armor Costumes. Every item and the Dragon Crystalline Chaos are included in a limited 35% discounted set.

Crystalline Chaos Set
  • Crystalline Chaos Dragon
  • Crystalline Chaos Dragon Armor as a costume
  • Crystalline Chaos Costume Chest as a character costume
  • Crystalline Chaos Weapon Box including a One-handed Gunblade, Two-Handed Greataxe, Two-Handed Scythe and Two-Handed Staff, which are received depending on your class

And of course, there’s Petrick, the super-green pet. This little rascal collects your loot!

Petrick’s bazaar is available until Saturday, 18th March at 23:59 CET. You can find it under Special offers in the in-game Marketplace.

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