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Strengthen Your Dream Team

New dragon packs for you including Nagafen November 14, 2013

Strengthen Your Dream Team - New dragon packs for you including Nagafen

From today on we have awesome new dragon packs for you that not only contain cool dragons but are also filled up with useful items you just don’t want to miss out on.

Famously named by Fuzzfoot Clawsmead, the colorblind traveler: Indigo Flare (random slots + exclusive title Indigo Flare’s Capturer)* quickly became famous across Auratia for being anything but indigo. Fuzzfoot was not available for further comment.

Some call him tyrant, others call him lord, some others know him as the mighty boss from EverQuest®: Nagafen (10 Slots and exclusive Dragon Soul Skill ‘Treasure Hunter’s Satchel’)* has found his way into Auratia to wreak havoc upon the land. Who will tame this creature, will it be you?

Both Dragon Packs do not only offer you fantastic dragons but also useful items* you should definitely not miss out on:

  • Dragon Attribute Reset Elixir
  • Dragon Re-education Elixir
  • Dragon Training Whips
  • Dragon Stable Expansion Card
  • Dragon Chamber Expansion Card

You just can’t decide which dragon you prefer? No worries, our third package offers you both dragons, twice the items and a real discount compared to buying both packages!

The packages are available until Tuesday, 19.11.2013, 23:59 CET (10:59pm UK).

*Available for one character per account and non-tradable. Treasure Hunter’s Satchel once activated will increase item Drop Rate by 3%.

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