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Spot the differences

Tricky differences for keen eyes April 19, 2017

Spot the differences - Tricky differences for keen eyes

One apartment. Three errors. Do you have the attention to detail?

Do you have eagle-like eyes and spot every mistake, no matter how small?

Then come prove yourself this friday! You can play around in Ildruin's Apartment to your heart's content and use your keen detective senses. You can take a closer look at the apartment and wait in front of the door afterwards. Ildruin will then change 3 small details. Whoever finds them first will recieve 3 points, the second 2 and the third will recieve one point. At the end of the event, the three players with the most points will recieve their respective rewards.

So, do you like the prospect of finding the smallest details? Then feel free to visit us! We'll start this Saturday, April 29th, at 18:45 CEST. Meeting point is Ildruin's Apartment on Baerton Stormreach Isle B10.


For this, visit the Path of the Elders in Arteicia.

Choose the correct Island and go to the marked Apartment Manager.


Then, visit Ildruin's Apartment like shown below.

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