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Prince & Princess

Everything the heart of a princess desires. February 10, 2017

Prince & Princess - Everything the heart of a princess desires.

Be it unicorns, noble dragons, magical outifts or fearsome weapon costumes - with these deals you're surely equiped to handel a valentine's date.

For our princesses

It doesn't matter if you already found your prince for Valentine's Day or if you're still looking - with these you'll charm everyone.

A package awaits, containing these elegant robes, royal weapon costumes and a magical effect for your weapon.

But what would be the perfect outfit without a fitting steed? That's why we have a small Lucky Box full of dragons for a real princess.


For our princes:

The task of a prince is to defend his princess or rescue her from a dark tower - which is absolutely no problem with this package!

We have a shining armor, a fearsome weapon costume and a flaming effect for your weapon. 

To make your slaying of evil dragons a bit easier, our princes also get a steadfast steed! For you, there's a Lucky Box in store with dark and gruesome dragons.


The offer will run until Sunday, February 12th at 23:59 CET.

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