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Ostara-Gifts for your Friends!

Treat yourself and your friends! April 13, 2017

Ostara-Gifts for your Friends! - Treat yourself and your friends!

Ostara Dragons and Ostara pets available now in the in-game Marketplace!

Do you want to bring joy to your friends? Then we have these three quirky little pets who roll around and play out of pure joy. We are talking about Pinkey, Volcano and Greenear of course.
In the in-game Marketplace, you can find three small gifts which contain one pet each and one Dragon Egg Restoration Liquid on top! There's even a few flowers free on the house!

As a special Ostara deal, every player who gifted his friends a pet pack will recieve a Skitterbunny Jr. on Tuesday, April 18th on the account they purchased the gift on. You only have to use the Purchase Overview and select "Send Gift" to send a package to one of your friends. One account can only get one Skitterbunny Jr even if you send more than one gift to your friends.

You want the concentrated Skitter Power? Then the Ostara Dragon Lucky Box is the right thing for you! Skitterbunny, Painted Skitter and Skitterbunny Jr. wait for a new lucky owner.


The offer is available until Easter Monday, April 17th until 23:59 CEST. You can find it under Special Offers in the in-game Marketplace.

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