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Ostara Bazaar

Deals for Ostara Day! April 12, 2017

Ostara Bazaar - Deals for Ostara Day!

The Ostara Bazaar has opened! One whole week you can acquire special Ostara themed furniture and costumes in the in-game Marketplace!

Good bunny or bad bunny - that's the question! If you are looking for the perfect outfit for your Ostara day, look no further than the marketplace! The Ostara-Fluffy costume offers you everything you need to be a bunny. And now specially for the Ostara day with a 30% discount!


What an egg! As you know, Dragon's Prophet is all about Dragon eggs. For Ostara Day, we'll crank that up to 11! The biggest craftsmen in Auratia get together every year and potter around with traditional Ostara Day furniture which is completely dedicated to this culture of eggs. The Easter Skitter paints this furniture in the prettiest colours and make this furniture come to life. Three colorful furniture packs are available now in the in-game Marketplace

Furniture Packs

Easter-Vanity                                Easter-Bed



These Ostara weapon costumes look especially fine! Tinted azure and decorated with Butterfly Wings, those are a hit! How those butterflies got on the weapon costumes? That's a story for another time and maybe a bit too gruesome for the festivities of Ostara. With a bit of luck you can get them in the Lucky Boxes (the costumes, not the butterflies!). The Lucky Boxes are sorted by Class and One-Handed and Two-Handed weapons.


All offers are available until Wednesday, April 19th until 9:00 CEST. You can find them under "Special Offers" on the in-game Marketplace.

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