Opposites attract.

One week full of costume and dragon boxes! January 9, 2017

Opposites attract. - One week full of costume and dragon boxes!

“Opposites attract”. Everybody knows this sentence. With this sale, we want to show how beautiful you can combine opposites.

You can get the costume packages and dragon lucky boxes in our ingame marketplace till the end of the week. All packages are inspired by the elements of the nature. Because there are no more fascinating opposites in Auratia than the nature itself. The sale will end on 15th January at 23:59 CET.

Our opposites are made of Lava & Ice, Earth & Clouds and Sea &Poison.

In every package is a character costume, a weapon skin, a weapon effect, a companion and a dragon. Additional to this you can find theme matching dragon lucky boxes in the in-game Marketplace.

Furthermore, there is a completely new, not yet released dragon called Quacecroak and Erumjolk of the Three-Moon-Event in some of the packages! Quacecroak is a new dragon model. His size and appearence scare all of your enemies. Don’t miss this chance to get these rare dragons!

Lava & Ice

The dragon Nagafen
Frozen Razorshade Armor Set (in our picture it’s colored red!)*
Raging Flame Magic Dust
Dragonfire Weapon Chest (Two Handed Weapons & Bows)
Magmarons Hatchling (companion)

The dragon Opal Fortune
Amethyst Dragon Scale Armor Set (in our picture it’s colored in blue and white!)*
Stellar Magic Dust
Frozen Razorshade Weapon Box (Two Handed Weapons & Bows)
Baby Dame Vox (companion)

Earth & Clouds


The dragon Kryon
Crystalline Chaos Costume Chest
Green Silk Magic Dust
Crystalline Chaos Weapon Box (Two Handed & Crossbow)
Wardone (companion)

The dragon Erumjolk which was obtainable through the Three-Moons-Event
Not-so-fluffy-Set (in our picture it’s colored white!)*
Intrepid Corsair Shoulder Pads
Dark Knight Weapon Box (Two Handed & One Handed)
Thunder Magic Dust
Lightning Aura
Duality Young

Poison & Sea

The dragon Green Devil
Regal Fatespinner Costume Chest (in our picture it’s colored green!)*
Green Silk Magic Dust
Styx Weapon Box (Two Handed & One Handed)
Cackles the Skull (companion)

The new dragon Quacecroak!
Royal Suit Costume Chest
Astro Pulse Magic Dust
Royal Weapon Box (Two Handed & One Handed)
Leo (companion)

*The Free Pick Items to recolor the costumes are not in the package!

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this special sale and use your chance to get them some rare dragons!

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