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New Weekly Deals

Enjoy these reduced offers! August 7, 2017

New Weekly Deals - Enjoy these reduced offers!

Available now in the in-game Marketplace, these eight deals are here for your enjoyment!

Take a look in the in-game Marketplace and browse through our new selection in this weekly offer. This is an opportunity to stock up on a wide selection of items.


  • Catarix Dragon Gacha 3999 for 2999 Diamonds
  • Dragon Re-education Elixir 99 for 80 Diamonds
  • Attribute Transfer Demon Crystal 99 for 80 Diamonds
  • Beginner Dragon Soul Essence 169 for 135 Diamonds
  • Intermediate Dragon Soul Essence 379 for 300 Diamonds
  • Co-op Scroll 50 for 40 Diamonds
  • Dragon Stable Expansion Card 300 for 240 Diamonds
  • Dragon Lair Expansion Card 600 for 480 Diamonds

And of course, here's a preview for the Dragon Gacha:

The offer is valid until Thursday, 10th August, 23:59 CEST.

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