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Migration Update

Won't happen on the 25th! May 24, 2018

Migration Update - Won't happen on the 25th!

But here's a small compensation for bearing with us!

Dear Community


Unfortunately, the migration will move back even further than planned.

We would like to sincerely apologize for that!

Our IT is working to full capacity to not only give you, but all players from all games a smooth flow in their respective games.

Unfortunately, this does mean that the migration can not proceed as planned for now. Rest assured that we are all working hard to get this thing out of the way.


The website and forum will not simply shut down, but will last until the migration is completely over to ensure the flow of information between you and us.

Facts, announcements, dates and times will continue to be found here and in the forum.

As a compensation for these troubling times, we will give you:

  • +200% Drop Rate

starting Friday, May 25th, 20:15 CEST through Saturday, May 26th, 23:59 CEST.

We realize this is no solution and this is not supposed to be a bribe, we simply want to raise your spirits for a bit.

Thank you for staying with us through all this!


Your Dragon's Prophet Team

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