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Lucky Boxes right at ya!

Eight days - eight boxes. Ready? February 4, 2017

Lucky Boxes right at ya! - Eight days - eight boxes. Ready?

Every day a new Lucky Box awaits. Do you want to try your luck?

Osira! Luck is upon you for the next eight days. You can aquire a new Lucky Box every day and have the chance to obtain different weapon costumes. Dedicated to both weapon types of your class, you can find five different costumes in each Lucky Box. You can look forward to these specific Lucky Boxes:

  • One handed Guardian Weapon - Lucky Box
  • Two handed Guardian Weapon - Lucky Box
  • Gunblade - Lucky Box
  • Bow - Lucky Box
  • Talisman - Lucky Box
  • Scythe - Lucky Box
  • One handed Staff -  Lucky Box
  • Two handed Staff - Lucky Box

The first Box will be available starting Saturday 4 February at 12:00 CET and stays in the Marketplace for 24 hours each. After that, the next box will come into rotation. The most observant under you surely won't miss a Box!

Very special costumes can also be obtained: some of them celebrate the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Amongst others, there's also a chance to get a Shax weapon costume!

The last Box will be available until 12th February at 11:59 CET.

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