Currently, it is not possible to purchase Diamonds via Steam. We are already working on fixing this issue as soon as possible.


Low prices in the Marketplace now!

That's a lot of saving! July 11, 2017

Low prices in the Marketplace now! - That's a lot of saving!

Until Thursday, there are some great offers for you waiting in the ingame Marketplace.

Get these deals while they're hot!
How about a new look? Or a bigger dragon chamber? You can train your dragons for record prices, too. Get in on these deals while you can!


  • 10x Miraculous Costume Transformation Elixir 2999 for 2100 Diamonds
  • 25x Phantom Doll 1975 for 1450 Diamonds
  • 3x Dragon Chamber Expansion Card  600 for 500 Diamonds
  • Character Name Change Ticket 999 for 800 Diamonds
  • 25x Dragon Training Whip 2225 for 1670 Diamonds
  • Alentia Dragon Gacha 3999 for 2999 Diamonds
  • Lucky Potion (3 Days) 499 for 375 Diamonds
  • 1000x Dragon Provisions for 150 Diamonds


The offer is valid until Thursday, 13th July, 23:59 CEST and can be found under "Special Offers" in the in-game Marketplace.


And here's a little preview for the Alentia Dragon Gacha:


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