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Lovely Offers

Something nice for Valentine's day February 9, 2018

Lovely Offers - Something nice for Valentine's day

Fitting for Valentine's Day, you can now transform your house into a lover's nest. Relevant pieces of furniture are available in the Marketplace now!

Pure romance! Are you looking for a fitting place to schmooze your valentine? With a few candles and our romantic valentine's housing packs your home will be transformed into a lover's den in no time. Pretty costumes, weapon skins and pets can also be found in the marketplace.

The following offers are now live in the ingame marketplace under "Valentine's Day":

  • Wedding Dress and Smoking
  • Lovely Weapon Skins
  • Romantic Pets
  • Housing Items
  • Fireworks *boom*
  • Rosea Maximea & Fleeting Dream
  • Wedding Ring
  • Love Declaration - Show your love to the whole server!

The following images might give you an Idea, what do build with all the housing items.


The offer is valid until Thursday, 22nd February, 10:00 CET!


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