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Love goes through the stomach

Cupid's kitchen needs your help! February 10, 2017

Love goes through the stomach - Cupid's kitchen needs your help!

Do you think you can save the festival of love?

Osira! As you know, the way to everyone’s heart is through the stomach. There’s quite the turmoil in Cupid’s kitchen – his flavorings are empty! You can help him restock in the next few days!

Give everything you got – or rather cook it. Players of every level can help, you just have to craft the appropriate flavoring (Profession “Chef”). If you crafted enough flavorings, there are some rewards waiting for you!


The Event

Your player level decides in which group you will be, not the level of your Chef profession. Please keep in mind that only flavorings from your group count towards your progress in the vent.

Cupid’s list of supplies is as follows:

Group 1: (Lvl 1-72)

  • Ordinary Flavoring
  • Qualified Flavoring
  • Reinforced Flavoring
  • Concocted Flavoring
  • Handmade Flavoring

Group 2: (Lvl 73-104)

  • Ground Flavoring
  • Special Flavoring
  • Superior Flavoring

Group 3: (Lvl 105)

  • Superior Flavoring


So, in numbers: Players up to level 72 have to craft flavorings of group 1, players from 73 to 104 belong in group 2 and level 105 players will craft flavorings of group 3. Pay attention to your Chef level, so it doesn’t fall behind.


Eligibility Requirements

Taking part in the event isn’t very hard. All you have to do is some merry cooking. You can use these flavors in any way you like, Cupid gets them every way – magic! Only crafting the flavorings yourself counts.

But beware, there are additional requirements: flavorings only count if they contain hand-picked herbal ingredients. If your dragon helps you out by bringing a large bulk of meat, that’s alright. Grass has to be picked by hand with love. You can taste the difference.

Every grass has to be hand-picked by the participating character during the event!

To which group you belong is decided at the end of the event. If you start the event on level 70, but you level past 73 in the next seven days, only the flavorings crafted for the higher group (starting at 73) will count. Plan accordingly!

Only one participation per player!


Rewards are given out according to the amount of crafted flavorings. It doesn’t matter which flavoring out of your group you craft, every one has the same worth.

The rewards are graded as follows:


Group 1 & 2:

  • 100 Flavorings: Small Reward
  • 300 Flavorings: Medium Reward
  • 500 Flavorings: Big Reward
  • 800 Flavorings: Super Reward

Group 3:

  • 200 Flavorings: Small Reward
  • 500 Flavorings: Medium Reward
  • 700 Flavorings: Big Reward
  • 900 Flavorings: Super Reward


Good luck, Osira! Cupid counts on your support.


The event takes place from 11th February, 00:01 CET until 19th February, 23:59 CET.

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