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Limited Brasten Sale

A new unique opportunity March 6, 2018

Limited Brasten Sale - A new unique opportunity

Feel blessed by Lady Luck? If not, be quick to take advantage of this offer!

Dear Osira,

The Laedis Academy Tournament Committee has assembled and decided that it is time to present another Brasten to you. Brasten Carlop gallops through Auratia!

If you want to call Carlop your own, there are two different ways to go on about it. 40 copies of the Carlop family are made available for direct purchase by the Academy, however, each Osira may only acquire a Brasten Carlop once. Other specimen are included in the Brasten Gacha, for a lower price accordingly. If you do not want to put your luck to the test, you have to be quick!

Starting today, Tuesday, March 6, 19:00 CET, you will find both offers in the ingame marketplace under "Event".

The Brasten Gacha includes one of the following items:

  • Brasten Carlop
  • Academy Dragon Soul Crystal
  • Academy Skill Crystal
  • Perfect Equip Transmutation
  • Process Ticket
  • Dragon Training Whip
  • Dragon Attribute Reset Elixir
  • Companion Rune



The offer is valid until Tuesday, 13th March, 19:00 CET.


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