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Riddling fun on the weekend May 18, 2017

Hangman - Riddling fun on the weekend

Luck, strategy and speed, you'll need a bit of everything!

This weekend is something for the riddle-solvers amongst you!
On Sunday, May 21st at 18:00 CEST, gather on the Drathgor Night Shade Island D22 in the Apartment of Effraka, if you are a fan of Hangman!
Every correctly guessed letter gives you one point and if the letter is in our word more than one time, that's how much points you will get!
The word we are looking for can be guessed at any point during the game, but every participant only has one guess. If you guess correctly, there's 3 points waiting for you.
At the end, we will have a ranking by the points you got.

See you then!

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