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The Great Dragon Warrior - Magicdarty

Congratulations to Magicdarty August 4, 2017

The Great Dragon Warrior - Magicdarty - Congratulations to Magicdarty

The greatest Dragon Warrior of July - Magicdarty

Dear community,

We would like to present you our greatest Dragon Warrior of the month of July!
Congratulations go to Magicdarty, who showed great courage, endurance and know-how during the various missions during the month of July!

We also had a little interview with him, so here's what he had to say:



1. How long have you been playing Dragon's Prophet? How did you get to know the game?
I am playing since November 2014. I discovered the game searching in the internet for a game that dealt with dragon's, because I was looking for a game similar to the PC-Game Dragon Knight Saga.

2. What do you like most about Dragon's Prophet?
I love the game because it offers so many things you can do even if you are on maximum level. Dungeons, crafting, Dragon arena und fights, as well as the ingame events are only some of the many possibilities to choose. I never get bored with it.

3. Which weapon do you prefer to play: a one-handed weapon or a two-handed weapon or even both?
I mainly play the bow, but use the gunblade as well, though I am not that expeienced with it. This is still a challenge for the future.

4. What is your favorite dragon? What makes it special to you?
My favorite Dragon is Silvaran, because its special skill provides me plenty of academy goods to level its brothers and sisters.

5. What is your favorite instance / dungeon? Why ?
My favorite dungeon is Deyarka, because it needs a well organised team play.

6. How did you feel when you first captured a legendary dragon in the wild?
It was great to see that pink shining dragon around in Wynnadia. I was really excited, when I was finally sittting on Midnight shade and tamed it.

7. What is your opinion about the Shax’s experiments?
The Shax's experiments are quite cruel and I cannot say I like them very much, if I see for example what they have done to the poor dragon in Deyarka. But some one has to play the role of the bad boys in every game.

8. On which job do you specialize or are you an allrounder?
I have learned all 6 professions, but use mainly Weapon smith and Tinkerer to build items for our guild. I am crafting with success orange items and produce things as well on order of friends.

9. When you level a character, are you focusing more on questing, doing dungeons or completing road quests?
I leveled my first three chars with quests only and daily GP runs to build up our guild, which we managed to bring on level 120 in only 6 months. My other 9 lvl105 chars were mainly leveled with daylies.

10. Which class do you prefer to play?
No doubt about that: Ranger

11. As for the events: do you prefer to take part in events that last all month like this one or do you prefer the weekend events that the GMs organize?
I prefer long time events to the quite short weekend actions. But I love most loot events and it would be a real pleasure if we would all get rewarded for the last two months event stress with a one day loot event.^^

12. Looking at the events of the past 6 months, what was your favorite event?
Although it really made me tired and exhausted, I loved playing this 4 week event most of all events during the last 6 months.

13. Do you have any advice, a motto or a trick to give to players in the English community?
I enjoyed playing this event on British server, because it has developed to a really international server during the last 12 months. You can find interesting people from all over the world playing. My only wish is that everybody on this server will go on playing respecting each other and working together to manage the challenges they are heading.


A big thank you to Magicdarty for this little interview. Congratulations!

Have fun with your new dragon!

Good game everyone!

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