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The Golden Chest

A new item has arrived August 7, 2013

The Golden Chest - A new item has arrived

The path of an Osira is long and arduous. To help ease your travels, we will be introducing the Gold-Edged Storage Chest in to the Marketplace today.

From today on, you can acquire the ‘Gold-Edged Storage Chest’ for your home. These chests can be placed in an apartment or house and allow characters to store almost any item they desire. This includes soulbound marketplace items such as the Backpack Expansion Card, Dragon Lair & Stable Expansion Cards and much more, thus giving you the opportunity to transfer soulbound items to another character on your account.

Have lots of items you want to store? No problem, these chests can be placed in a home multiple times to increase your storage capabilities.
Get yours today and take advantage of its features.


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