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The Creation Festival is back!

Let's celebrate with a special event May 9, 2018

The Creation Festival is back! - Let's celebrate with a special event

You're all invited to celebrate Dragon's Prophet fifth birthday with two weeks full of crazy events and sugary pony-dragons!

If you would like to learn more about the Creation Festival, you can click on any of the links below to go directly to that section:

  1. Introduction
  2. Whacking Piñata
  3. Dance All Night!
  4. Catch Illusion Night

1) Introduction

It is said that when the Osira were born, the Legendary Dragons blessed them with a colorful, lucky dragon: Piñata. When the Osirans first saw it, they assumed it was prey and proceeded to chase it. But it shed scales that turned into sweet candy, which soon filled the bellies of hungry Osirans. Since then, Osirans from around the world have gathered each year at Star Valley to celebrate this special occasion.

When ?

  • Beginning: 09/05/2018
  • End: 23/05/2018

Where ?

  • Star Valley is a Sky Island hosting the Creation Festival and located above Laedis and near Anerton. You can get there by talking to the Creation Festival Agent located near the bridge leading to the Dragon Arena Manager in Arteicia.

2) Whack the Piñata

Once you enter Star Valley, your weapon will be hidden. Accept the quest Whac-A-Dragon in order to obtain the Sword of Oracle, which grants you a new set of skills to use on the Piñata.

While you chase after the creature and attack it by using different skills on your new skill bar, it will drop candies which are automatically picked up when you pass. But be careful! Piñata finds it funny to make you swing your hips if you’re not fast enough to dodge its attacks.

3) Dance All Night

The Creation Ball only opens 4 times a day: 14:0020:0022:00 and 0:00. Each round takes 14 minutes with a 1 minute break, so there will be 4 rounds of competition per hour.

Zoe the Material Dealer will exchange 1 Candy Coin for a Party Mask, which opens up a new skill list. A Festival Dancer will give you instructions on what they want you to do and by using the dance moves provided in the skill bar, you can start to rack up those points.

Do you want to become this year’s Auratian Dancing Queen or King? Attend the Ball, memorize the steps and present an extraordinary show! You can monitor your current points by speaking to the Creation Festival Angel stood next to Enya the Festival Helper after each ball.

4) Catch Illusion Night

According to Star Valley’s villagers, this eye-catching creature shows up every 5-8 hours so stay on your toes for when it appears.

Only players who are able to calm down the overexcited dragon by throwing candies at it will have a chance to capture it.* 

*This chance will be granted to the last candy thrower, so you will need perfect timing to win!

Let’s celebrate and have some fun!


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Easter in Auratia

Ingame Event Live Now March 29, 2018

Easter in Auratia - Ingame Event Live Now

Easter in Auratia is always something very special. Little kids put bunny ears on their favorite dragons and the battle hardened Osiran heroes use this time of the year to relax and enjoy several exciting festivities.

Ostara Event Zone

From today on, all Osirans can participate in our latest ingame event. You can find an Ostara NPC next to every airship which will then bring you to the event zone.

What makes Easter so great in Auratia, you ask? The hidden eggs! You can find numerous eggs throughout the zone. Catch ‘em all if you want to claim all the rewards.


Don’t miss out on the Whack-A-Mole event where you can hit some nasty rodents over the head. But please be gentle while doing so.


Event coins can be redeemed for all of the Easter activities, which you can spend on various different rewards, such as weapons, Easter eggs and more rounds of Whack-A-Mole!

If you’re lucky or good enough to complete all the activities, you can even win a very special dragon or a cute Easter pet. We will announce a few more events over Easter on our website, so keep your eyes peeled.


So you are well prepared, we would like to explain in this guide the individual elements of the events in more detail.

The Event will end on 12 April 10:00 CEST.

We wish you a great Easter break. See you ingame! 

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Love Is a Strong Companion

Valentine’s Day Events February 8, 2018

Love Is a Strong Companion - Valentine’s Day Events

The deep connection to one’s dragon is one of the strongest emotions that an Osiran knows. This joy is something you can share with your friends in our Valentine’s Day events because together you form an unstoppable team.

What would Valentine’s Day be without events? And to make the most of it, we’re getting a head start on Wednesday!

Instead of playing alone, these games will encourage you to work together with your friends and fellow Osirans in the spirit of mutual affinity.

Overcoming Obstacles Together

To prove the power of partnership, give your friend a piggyback ride through an obstacle course full of buffs and debuffs in record time. But be careful – other players will set nasty traps along the course in order to really test your friendship.

There are various rewards at the end, depending on how long it takes you to get there. This event can be played every day at 13:00, 19:00, 21:00, and 23:00 CET and lasts for one hour each time. If you need help, have a look in our Forum.

The Balloon of Love

Once per day, you can burst a heart-shaped balloon in order to receive a Valentine’s Day gift. Don’t miss your chance.

Valentine's Quest

There is a special sequence of quests only possible during this special time of infatuation and dedication - Valentine's Quest! Starting in Artecia at Arteicia Ethics Committee Chairman Izmir, Osirans can take the quest "Entrance Exam" to lead them on a special romantic adventure which can result in Titles, Title Promoters, and a funny pet! If you need help, have a look in our Forum.


End: 22 February, 09:00 CET


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Lunar Festival

Dragon Beasts from the East February 1, 2018

Lunar Festival - Dragon Beasts from the East

Chinese Dragon Patrol will bring in the start of this year's Lunar Festival!

The Lunar Festival starts today, and particularly observant Osirans will have the unique chance to capture extremely elusive dragons from the Far East!


On each day of the festival, a new dragon will appear to patrol on all ancient pathways of Auratia. All wild eastern dragons will be set 5 levels above the person first tagging them. Let the search begin! These mysterious creatures could appear in any region except Porthis, Thadrea and Sitheran, so keep your eyes peeled.

The event ends after seven days.

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Recompensation Event

+200% Droprate to make amends January 31, 2018

Recompensation Event - +200% Droprate to make amends

We want to apologize for last week. That's why you get tripple drop rate!

Last week was plagued by login issues but our technicians gave their all and fixed them!

As a small recompensation, we'd like to give you two three-hour droprate booster, so you can farm for those Shards a bit faster.

To ensure that everybody can profit from those boosts, we have chosen two different time slots that should account for everyone.

  • Booster 1: 3rd February, 19:00 CET - 22:00 CET (12pm - 3pm UTC -6)
  • Booster 2: 4th February, 03:00 CET - 06:00 CET (3rd February, 8pm - 11pm UTC -6)

If you like, you can participate in both booster events, if that is possible in your time zone. The boosts will be live on all servers.


We know that this doesn't mean that last weeks issues never happened, but we hope to ease your minds a bit. We do care!



Your Dragon's Prophet Team

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[Event] The secret troops of the Shax part 3

Once more we need your dragons to uncover the hidden troops of the Shax! January 10, 2018

[Event] The secret troops of the Shax part 3 - Once more we need your dragons to uncover the hidden troops of the Shax!

Foil the plans of the evil Shax!

To all dragon warriors,

we heard reports of hidden Shax troops and now it's up to you to strike down the enemy, before they attack from the shadows!
These troops gather in hiding around Laedis, at least if our information is correct. All dragon commanders should meet up with the Osiran Secret Service to coordinate their attacks!


This Friday, 10th January, at 18:00 CET, we will meet in Ildruin's apartment on Baerton Storm Island B10. There we will hold our "war council". Every player can guess a
coordinate going round. Whenever a hide-out is left, we will do another round. But beware that the Shax can hide everywhere!

You can find the coordinates here:

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Silver Winter Event!

Protect the Christmas Spirit December 21, 2017

Silver Winter Event! - Protect the Christmas Spirit

The Silver Dragon Festival is an annual celebration, which stands for the old year’s finish and the New Year’s beginning, an important time for Osirans in the long struggle against the Chaos Dragons.

The Silver Dragon Festival is back in Auratia! Again this year you will be able to enjoy the giant Arteician Christmas Tree, numerous Christmas quests as well as a daily snowball battle against those pesky gift stealing goblins.

Osirans aren’t the only ones who look forward to this festival. Ferniax the Silver Thunder is known to make a rare appearance, like a shooting star.

Take part in the festivities and reap the rewards from today until the 11th January, 2018.

You can read more about the event in our forum!


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Advent Calendar 2017

The christmas spirit begins! November 27, 2017

Advent Calendar 2017 - The christmas spirit begins!

This year, Osirans have the opportunity to celebrate the time before christmas with a culinary advent calendar!

Dear Community,

like every year, December is the month that is awaited the most by children all over the world!
This year, Osirans have the opportunity to celebrate the time before christmas with a culinary advent calendar!
Every Osiran will help and can present you their favourite advent recipe until the 24th of December.

We will open up a window of the calendar every day for you here in the forum. This window will contain a very special and popular Osiran recipe.

You'll be able to discover 3 ingredients in every recipe! You'll surely recognize them, as they are bold and underscored!

Every recipe will always contain a loot item, a daily quest item or a synthesis item. All of the items can be found in Puretia, Laedis or Wynnadia, be it on the open map or inside dungeons.

Your task will be to carefully read the Recipe of the Day and to gather the required ingredients in the correct amount with your character.
Take a screenshot while doing the required action in the correct place (also bold and underlined). The screenshot must show your inventory, so we can see the correct item and its amount.
The screenshot also has to show the name of your character and your level! Don't hide your UI when you take the screenshot!
It's important that you take the screenshot with the same character every day! Please pay attention to that!

Afterwards, post your screenshot into the days thread, which we will open up for you. Please host your picture on an image hosting site (google should help you find one easily)!
You'll also need to pay attention to post your screenshot into the correct thread before midnight! That means, recipes for 1st December have to be posted there before midnight (CET!).

If you are wondering, you don't have to keep your gathered ingredient after you took the screenshot. As soon as you have it, do as you please with your items!

Now you're probably wondering: What is in it for me, after I posted all 24 screenshots in time?

Everybody who posted 24 correct screenshots, containing the correct ingredients in the required amounts, showing the required action in the place specified in the recipe, wins the dragon Skardis the Frost Monarch with 10 skill slots and title.

Everybody who posted 20 correct screenshot will recieve the dragon Skardis the Frost Monarch with 7-10 skill slots and title.

For players that got 15 to 19 correct screenshots, there's a small surprise waiting - we're not telling, but it's not gonna be a dragon wink.png

Please note, limited to once per person! The character that you start the event with is the character you will have to do every further screenshot with! Participation with multiple characters not allowed!

To get your screenshots right, they'll have to:

  • be unedited in its original state
  • show all ingredients in their right amounts in your inventory
  • show the action, the place and time of day
  • show the name of the char and their level
  • be posted before midnight (CET) into the right thread!


The Recipe of the Day thread will always be in the forum "Events & Contests">>>here<<<
You'll always find the recipe with its link under this post!


We wish you a great advent time!

PS: If you have troubles with an ingredient, you can help each other wink.png Remember to also help the "young players", if they have troubles with any drop in an area or dungeon!

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[Spawn] Death to the Giant!

Fight together against the giant Lokane Emberstorm! November 17, 2017

[Spawn] Death to the Giant! - Fight together against the giant Lokane Emberstorm!

Don't miss this unique chance to test your mettle. Band together to survive against a mighty foe in this never-seen-before event!

The world needs you, all of you! An incredibly mighty Lokane Emberstorm is rampaging the Isle Of The Last Embrace!  We don't know what unleashed him and neither how he got there in the first place, but he's free! Run for your lives!

Gather every ally you can think of and come to the Sky Island B19, Isle Of The Last Embrace, on Wednesday, 22nd November, 18:45 CET!

We need your help to strike Lokane down and put him to flight! If he ever truly dies?

Auratia is counting on you, brave Osirans!


Good luck,

Your Dragon's Prophet Team

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[Contest] "National Day of Kindness" Theater Play

Kindness, friendliness, simply be nice! November 14, 2017

[Contest] "National Day of Kindness" Theater Play - Kindness, friendliness, simply be nice!

Cometh friends and showeth us thy theatrical ideas. Can thee cometh up with the truly greatest piece?

If you have the blood of a poet flowing through your veins, this might be just what you need! Yesterday was the World Kindness Day. First established on 13th November 1997 by a collection of humanitarian groups, they made a "Declaration of Kindness" to encourage everyone to donate clothing, books or food to your local communities.
As helping out others and being kind is a generally great thing, we would like to honor this day by a little challenge for you!
We will give you this week to prepare a little theatrical play for us, with the topic "Kindness". You can prepare this play in groups of 2 to 4 players and are encouraged to use transformations and costumes as diverse as you can! A play truly comes to life when the characters are believable!
In roughly 5 minutes (depending on the total number of participants), tell a story about being kind to each other, the consequences of that or maybe just a story from your own life showing a selfless act. Think "Good Samaritans", but shorter and prefarably not simply "Good Samaritans" itself.

The best group of the server will recieve a prize package! Our team and the audience will be able to vote for the plays.

Since you will have this week to prepare for your play, the chance to show it to the world is on Friday, 17th November, starting at 18:00 CET. The show will be held in Ildruin's apartment on Baerton Stormreach Island B10.
Please register your group here:


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