[Event]Auratia's Song Contest

Come and win prizes! September 13, 2017

[Event]Auratia's Song Contest - Come and win prizes!

Take part in the event! You'll have to identify lyrics and earn points for it - pretty straight forward!

We all know it - the singing of earworms under the shower , which we just can't get out of our heads. Whether it is our absolute favorite song or some crazy text that a friend has shown us - we always hum them again and again.

We also can't seem to shake few songs from our mind, but unfortunately we can not match the lyrics to the songs anymore. But we really want to download them!

Please help us matching them and visit us on Friday,15th September, at 18:00 CEST on the Paeon Farm in Puretia! We will "sing" you the lyrics and you will have to name the title and the artist. Whoever names the right answer most often and the fastest, wins!

So help us loose these nasty earworms and match them to their title.

See you then :)




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