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Dragon Packs - sweet or noble?

Secure yourself some special dragons February 6, 2017

Dragon Packs - sweet or noble? - Secure yourself some special dragons

Two packs are available in the Marketplace right now. Do you like it sweet, or rather noble?

Attention dragon tamers!

Starting today until February 13th, 11:59 CET, there are two Dragon Packs available on the Marketplace.

The Fluffy Dragon Pack contains the follow three cute dragons: Lemon Drop, Blueberry and Fleeting Dream.


The flashy Lemon Drops will leave a sour aftertaste in your enemy's mouth. According to legends, Blueberry's blood is sweet tasting and can cure ailments, but he is just to clever for poachers to harm him. Fleeting Dream is a gentle dragon with an impeccable hearing, however he will tear his enemies apart when angered.


The Galatic Dragon Pack contains two noble dragons in contrast: Cosmic Dust and Milky Way.

Cosmic Dust is a very solitary dragon, so little is known about him. Milky Way however is known for his silvery white scales that shine like the eponymous Milky Way in the night sky.

You can find these deals in the in-game Marketplace under "Special Offers".

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