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Dragon Egg Hunt

What if they were among us? March 30, 2013

Dragon Egg Hunt - What if they were among us?

Here's your chance to win a collector’s figurine and a Closed Beta key! Participate in an epic Easter hunt for dragon eggs. Simply send us a photo of any egg you find that looks like it could be special and tell us what kind of dragon it could hatch...

Hear ye, dragon knights, your Easter mission is to find dragon eggs in the "real world"! There’s just one rule to follow on your quest: your findings must take the shape of an egg.

As one of the Osira people, you have the innate ability to communicate with any creature of dragon bloodline. This should enable you to tell us (in at least one sentence) which characteristics your dragon will possess once it hatches.

Photos and captions should be sent to to be considered for the competition. We'll publish the stories of the rarest eggs on the official website, Facebook and Twitter next week.

If you fear that your hunting instincts might not be as sharp outside of Auratia, here’s a hint: think of a dragon and picture it in your mind. You'll know you’ve made the connection when you find the right egg!

The deadline for submitting your content is Tuesday 2nd April, 2013.

Make the connection. Find your dragon egg. Become Auratia's champion egg hunter.

Good luck to all of you!

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