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Design a Costume – Results!

Discover the winning player designs! February 17, 2015

Design a Costume – Results! - Discover the winning player designs!

Discover the winning designs that have been picked to appear in-game very soon, thanks to their outstanding creativity!

Last month, we offered every Dragon’s Prophet player to draw their dream Osiran costume and and to send it to us. An awesome bunch of wonderful costume designs later, we are happy to present to you today the winning costumes of our Design a Costume contest!

1. Fiery Phoenix Armor by Cadell

Most definitely the hottest of all entries, this scorching design by prolific player Cadell wins first place and is surely going to warm up Auratia’s atmosphere by several degrees!

2. Fadernoc’s Armor by SeyrenWindsor

This sleek silvery blue armour by SeyrenWindsor was inspired by one of the most popular dragons in the game; we’ve named Liquid Silver/Fadernoc! It offers a nice ice cold alternative to Cadell’s winning armour!

3. Not-So-Fluffy Set by 22Rii

Does the name sound familiar? It’s probably because 22Rii’s creations have already had the honour of being developed in game. It seems like 22Rii is as talented when it comes to creating costume designs as she is when it comes to dragon design!  

3. bis! Rabensturm by RavenToxidermic

Runewaker couldn’t decide between these two last armours, so they’ve nicely offered to pick both! We must admit that this head turning futuristic and dark design by RavenToxidermic would stun any jury in awe!

These are already incredibly nice designs to admire, but it’s not the end of the story yet! Stay tuned for exclusive previews of these costumes’ development process as Runewaker teams implement them in game!

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