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The Creation Festival is back!

Let's celebrate with a special event May 9, 2018

The Creation Festival is back! - Let's celebrate with a special event

You're all invited to celebrate Dragon's Prophet fifth birthday with two weeks full of crazy events and sugary pony-dragons!

If you would like to learn more about the Creation Festival, you can click on any of the links below to go directly to that section:

  1. Introduction
  2. Whacking Piñata
  3. Dance All Night!
  4. Catch Illusion Night

1) Introduction

It is said that when the Osira were born, the Legendary Dragons blessed them with a colorful, lucky dragon: Piñata. When the Osirans first saw it, they assumed it was prey and proceeded to chase it. But it shed scales that turned into sweet candy, which soon filled the bellies of hungry Osirans. Since then, Osirans from around the world have gathered each year at Star Valley to celebrate this special occasion.

When ?

  • Beginning: 09/05/2018
  • End: 23/05/2018

Where ?

  • Star Valley is a Sky Island hosting the Creation Festival and located above Laedis and near Anerton. You can get there by talking to the Creation Festival Agent located near the bridge leading to the Dragon Arena Manager in Arteicia.

2) Whack the Piñata

Once you enter Star Valley, your weapon will be hidden. Accept the quest Whac-A-Dragon in order to obtain the Sword of Oracle, which grants you a new set of skills to use on the Piñata.

While you chase after the creature and attack it by using different skills on your new skill bar, it will drop candies which are automatically picked up when you pass. But be careful! Piñata finds it funny to make you swing your hips if you’re not fast enough to dodge its attacks.

3) Dance All Night

The Creation Ball only opens 4 times a day: 14:0020:0022:00 and 0:00. Each round takes 14 minutes with a 1 minute break, so there will be 4 rounds of competition per hour.

Zoe the Material Dealer will exchange 1 Candy Coin for a Party Mask, which opens up a new skill list. A Festival Dancer will give you instructions on what they want you to do and by using the dance moves provided in the skill bar, you can start to rack up those points.

Do you want to become this year’s Auratian Dancing Queen or King? Attend the Ball, memorize the steps and present an extraordinary show! You can monitor your current points by speaking to the Creation Festival Angel stood next to Enya the Festival Helper after each ball.

4) Catch Illusion Night

According to Star Valley’s villagers, this eye-catching creature shows up every 5-8 hours so stay on your toes for when it appears.

Only players who are able to calm down the overexcited dragon by throwing candies at it will have a chance to capture it.* 

*This chance will be granted to the last candy thrower, so you will need perfect timing to win!

Let’s celebrate and have some fun!


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