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[Contest] "National Day of Kindness" Theater Play

Kindness, friendliness, simply be nice! November 14, 2017

[Contest] "National Day of Kindness" Theater Play - Kindness, friendliness, simply be nice!

Cometh friends and showeth us thy theatrical ideas. Can thee cometh up with the truly greatest piece?

If you have the blood of a poet flowing through your veins, this might be just what you need! Yesterday was the World Kindness Day. First established on 13th November 1997 by a collection of humanitarian groups, they made a "Declaration of Kindness" to encourage everyone to donate clothing, books or food to your local communities.
As helping out others and being kind is a generally great thing, we would like to honor this day by a little challenge for you!
We will give you this week to prepare a little theatrical play for us, with the topic "Kindness". You can prepare this play in groups of 2 to 4 players and are encouraged to use transformations and costumes as diverse as you can! A play truly comes to life when the characters are believable!
In roughly 5 minutes (depending on the total number of participants), tell a story about being kind to each other, the consequences of that or maybe just a story from your own life showing a selfless act. Think "Good Samaritans", but shorter and prefarably not simply "Good Samaritans" itself.

The best group of the server will recieve a prize package! Our team and the audience will be able to vote for the plays.

Since you will have this week to prepare for your play, the chance to show it to the world is on Friday, 17th November, starting at 18:00 CET. The show will be held in Ildruin's apartment on Baerton Stormreach Island B10.
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