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gamigo Group – Advent calendar

The time for 2016 grows ever shorter. November 30, 2016

gamigo Group – Advent calendar - The time for 2016 grows ever shorter.

It starts on 1 December!

Dear community,

The time for 2016 grows ever shorter. The first Christmas tree shops are open already, stores
are filled more and more with Christmas accessories, and the flower shops offer fragrant Christmas wreaths.

One of the most popular pre-Christmas tradition is most certainly the Advent Calendar, there are truly many variations. Filled with sayings, sweets, toys, they all have one thing in common: they are to us, the countdown to Christmas.
This year we wish to offer you an extra special calendar: the gamigo Group - Advent. We will not only have game specific events, but also cross game with many of our other titles.
Loaded with many events, news and special prizes it will be an exciting time for all. On some days, we even have hot gamer gear ROCCAT raffle! Check in daily so you do not miss out in any case!

It starts on 1 December to find our jewel here:


Be there and enjoy with us a the most beautiful time of the year!

Your Dragon's Prophet - team

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[Info] Comic Con 2016!

Join us at the Comic Con! September 30, 2016

[Info] Comic Con 2016! - Join us at the Comic Con!

Do you love manga, comics and cosplays? This year on the 15th and 16th of October, you will be able to meet us at the Comic Con in Berlin and show it! gamigo representative will be present and you will have the chance to check out our anime themed games such as Twin Saga and Fiesta Online. You will also have the chance to hunt a few dragons in Dragons Prophet or dive into the world of Echo of Souls.

We will also be handing out a few goodies at this event! Here are some details (In German) if you are interested: [Info] Comic Con 2016!

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Anniversary Diamond Fireworks

Don't miss out! September 17, 2016

Anniversary Diamond Fireworks - Don't miss out!

2013, 2014, 2015... 2016!!! – It is Dragon’s Prophet’s third anniversary. Enjoy a gigantic firework of Diamonds that will twinkle in the sky like the stars! 

However, to celebrate, we won’t bring you a shower of confetti! Instead, you’ll get a grand firework of Diamonds. Per recharge, you will gain 25% of additional Diamonds.

Benefit from this amazing offer right now. But only for a short time!



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Player Survey

Let us know what you think July 1, 2016

Player Survey - Let us know what you think

With your help we would like to develop and improve Dragon’s Prophet even further. Your opinion is really important to us. Please help us by answering honestly to the questions in the following player survey.

>>>To Survey<<<

The participation is entirely up to you. Nevertheless, we would appreciate if you could complete the questionnaire. The survey will take only a few minutes and is completely anonymous.

Thank you for your support!

Your Dragon’s Prophet Team

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A collective future

Gamigo and Aeria Games merge together! May 30, 2016

A collective future - Gamigo and Aeria Games merge together!

Dear Community,

Today, we are happy to inform you all about a change in our company structure. This change does not affect you directly, but for us at gamigo it represents another step into a successful future.

Both, Aeria Games and gamigo have currently announced, that they have been undergoing a strategic partnership which has resulted into a merge of both companies.

Most of you will listen attentively, be suprised or even become worrisome. But, as you look into the details, there is the highest outcome of this being a more advancing move forward.

So what does this mean? Well, first and foremost it's important to note, that Aeria Games and gamigo will still exist as individual companies and insure the continuation in publishing their games. The biggest change that would come from this would be in the form of the capabilities and the resources that could be needed.. What sort of possibilities does this create? How much knowledge of the gaming industry, game development and marketing did we acquire now? Now it's easy to imagine what possibilities we have to gift you and the games you love, when considering the manpower, knowledge and potential our strong new company has brought us.

But overall, more than anything, we are excited to look towards the future! Not only for ourselves but for our community to continue to enjoy the great F2P MMO games!

Your gamigo Team

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New Patch Incoming

Downtime planned for Wednesday April 26, 2016

New Patch Incoming - Downtime planned for Wednesday

On Wednesday morning, all Dragon's Prophet servers will be offline in order to apply a new patch.


A new patch is coming to Dragon's Prophet this Wednesday!

All realms will be offline whilst important and long-awaited changes are made to our live servers. The patchnotes can be found on our Updates page by tomorrow.

Be sure to log in after the patch is completed to experience what has been updated!

Realm Downtime

Start: 8:00 CEST
End: 12:00 CEST

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Tea Party Winners!

A Lunar Festival competition February 12, 2016

Tea Party Winners! - A Lunar Festival competition

Those who posted the best invitations will now get rewarded! See their great work here!


The Chinese New Year invitation event is over! There have been some great entries, and we have picked the top 3 who really make us want to jump in Auratia and join them in their Zen gardens:

1st Place: Dryadia

2nd Place: Kodawolf


3rd Place: Maravana

Well done you guys! Here are the runner’s up, talented in their own right:




Creators of the following images please contact us through Facebook to recieve credit!


Now for the rewards! Everyone who entered will receive Fortunate Potion (1 Day) and Advanced Experience Potion (1 Day)!

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Tea Party Contest

A Lunar Festival competition January 29, 2016

Tea Party Contest - A Lunar Festival competition

It’s time to invite us to the Auratian Chinese New Year! The ones who do it the best will be rewarded!

Happy Chinese New Year, Osirans!

We want to see you decorate your houses and have a great time during the Lunar Festival, and really show off how well Auratia can look at this time of year! Create an invitation card using in-game screenshots to invite your friends to celebrate with you this Chinese New Year, and post it to the Facebook page!

Use the Asian-style furniture and decorations from your apartment to set the scene, as well as any costumes you may have, and you’ll get extra points for making a tea party! Or you can create photos from anywhere else in Auratia you deem to be suitable!

Top 10 entries will be rewarded with a Fortunate Potion (1 day) and a Advanced Experience Potion (1 day). Please post only one screenshot per player!


Start: now, 29 January 2016


End: 23:59 CET, 7 February 2016


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