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10 Tips for Levelling!

62.55% of players didn’t know these secrets… May 18, 2015

10 Tips for Levelling! - 62.55% of players didn’t know these secrets…

During Level-Up Week, we want you to level as much as possible! Therefore we’re sharing these awesome tips for gaining XP!

1) Quests

There are many different quests in Dragon’s Prophet – Yellow, green, blue, red! You’ll get to learn which is which, but the important thing to know is all give lots of XP! Yellow and green are main and normal quests, giving XP once, so you should do all of these. Blues and reds are daily and events, which are repeatable if you need the extra XP boost!


2) Beginner Experience Potion

One of the first boosts to XP you will come across is for free! Soon after you start your adventure in Auratia, one of these potions will appear in your bag, giving you a 5% boost for 24 hours! You can also get this and more from the Beginner Pack.


3) Guilding

Playing with guild-mates? No? Wait, you’re not in a guild?! Get one quick! Guildies at levels lower than 90 get tasty XP bonuses when killing mobs near their guild-mates in their party, when killing dungeon bosses, and best of all: the bonus increases for every guild mate in the party!


4) The Road

The road is hard; the road is tough. But sometimes it’ll reward you with nice XP! Keep an eye out for special road quests, which vary depending on which time of day you are travelling!


5) Public Events

Keep an eye out on the map, sometimes you will see a little blue box with crossed swords – that’s a public event! Join in with other players in the area to complete a spontaneous quest, and get XP and rewards! These are repeatable every day, so it’s worth patrolling areas for signs of danger…


6) Dungeons on hard

It’s a little known fact that doing dungeons on harder difficulties give more XP, so why not try it out! Some may need to get a partner for this, since some classes find it hard to solo dungeons. Just ask the aforementioned guildies!


7) Items

Experience Baubles can be bought in the Dragon Insignia marketplace, which are earned by doing Road Quests! Get XP boosts whilst getting XP boosts, so you can XP boost your XP boost.


8) Grouping

Not such a secret, it’s pretty straightforward. Play with friends, and you’ll kill stuff faster. Killing stuff faster means getting XP faster. Logic!


9) Community Events

Every so often Infernum will host a weekend or event with an XP boost (we actually have one right now)! This will increase XP earned from nearly everything in Auratia by at least 100%, so when you see the signs, play, play, play!


10) Be Friendly

I know a lot of you guys will do this anyway, but being friendly and helpful to other players will help you gain more bonus XP as well, everything is better when done with friends!

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