Welcome to the Dragon's Prophet patch overview page. This page gives you an overview of all the important Dragon's Prophet patches.

Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening - Patch: 3.0.1592 bugfix 3.0.1592

New Content

Fiery Phoenix Costume & Ravenstorm Costume can now be delivered.

Added a second confirmation window to the „Teleport to Arteicia“-Button:
You will be teleported to Laedis' main city Arteicia. This area has enemies above Level 30. It's very dangerous if your level is not high enough! Are you sure you want to go there?”

Added an option which allows to choose whether the world map should close automatically when the character is moved. “Auto-close” is selected by default. The option is located in the map settings in the right top corner of the world map. From now on, you can also adjust the transparency of the world map there.


Changes & Bugfixes


Eseriel Frostshadow:

  • The random attributes of the dragon can now not be lower than 3 (main attribute) and 3.50 (special attribute).
  • The dragon from an unhatched egg can now reach the maximum values of the attributes.



  • The gate of the colosseum is opened once the boss was killed. In the past, however, you could still not pass. Now fixed.

Nukleus of Time:

  • Darkrush the Petrified could get stuck. Now fixed.

Mictlan's Corridor:

  • Rockbone Assault Dragon could now and then cast a skill which killed players immediately. Now fixed.

Asuma‘s Mirage:

  • The death of the suicide beetles that were summoned by a Dream-eating Beetle will no longer count as a kill for the player.

Column of the Prophet:

  • Elite mob „Ice Headhunter“: The effect „Weak“ of the skill „Weak Shot“ didn’t work as intended. Now fixed.

Deyarka Bastille:

  • Quest „Bio Hazard“:
    Under certain circumstances, the monsters killed didn’t always count for the quest. Now the terms of the quest have been adjusted so that there’s a certain tolerance.
  • When the effect „Poison Pollution“ was active, the HP of the player were reduced instead of added when he used a healing potion. This won’t happen again after the fix.



  • Skill „Dexterity”: The regeneration effect for action points and stamina could be triggered multiple times with the help of other skills like “Blessing of Fadero”. Now action points and stamina can only be regenerated when a target is hit.


  • Skill „Annihilation Sphere“: The skill wasn’t displayed in the skill combo interface. Now it is listed together with its cast effect.


  • Tidal Territory (left): The tip of how to escape from the movement-impairing effect was shown only after the player had already escaped from it. Now it will be visible during the actual effect time.
  • Tidal Territory (right): At level 2-4 this skill didn’t have a description in the mastery interface. Furthermore the information regarding the maximum targets was wrong. Now fixed.


Unhatched Egg Restoration Liquid:
After using the liquid, the unhatched egg will now have an incubation period of 11 days instead of only 7 days.

Auratian Pathfinder Cloak:
The cloak has got his original appearance back. It will no longer look like the Styx Skeleton Wings.

Black Tower Defender's Uniform:
After removing the disguise, there is now a cooldown of 1 second until you can put it on again.


Public Encounter in Wynnadia – „Stub the Rusty Toe“:
At the beginning and at the end of the event, an NPC message was displayed as an error message. Now the correct text will be displayed.

Quest in Thadrea – „Shining Gold Altar Investigation“:
Windelle doesn’t appear in her position as long as certain pre-quests have not been completed. Now the quest can’t be accepted before those pre-quests have been completed (Cursed Crystal, Rescue Trapped Chacha the Rockclimbing Mouse, Rescue Trapped Kiki the Rockclimbing Mouse, Rescue Trapped Jiji the Rockclimbing Mouse).

Daily Quest in Sitheran – „Enemy's Medicine Supplies“:
The rewards for this quest didn’t include Dragon Insignias. Now fixed.


Midas Moonlight Event „Misty Hill“:
Corrected transposed digits in the countdown text (5-3-4-2-1 minutes).

Mounted Combat:
If a player below level 30 tried to use mounted combat, an error message was displayed. Now the correct warning text will be shown.

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