Welcome to the Dragon's Prophet patch overview page. This page gives you an overview of all the important Dragon's Prophet patches.

Early Summer

Early Summer - Patch: 3.0.1552 - 25.06.2015 bugfix 3.0.1552 - 25.06.2015

Bug Fixes

  • Reverted changes to healing spells: Holy Bolt, Healing Shot, Holy Swirl, Healing Veil skill range adjusted back to its original. Frozen and Life Recovery can now be casted when stunned.
  • Fixed a bug where "Holes" appeared in Fanyaré's tail.
  • Elemental Disturbance description added (effect is caused by dragon skill Elemental Release.)
  • Fixed an issue with Avanah Forest Public Encounter “No Pax with the Shax”, where it was getting stuck after defeating the black demon.
  • Alentia side quest ‘Take it back from the Giant’ lacked quest icon, now added.
  • Fixed a boss log error in the Public Encounter ‘Sitheran War’, stage III
  • Fixed an issue with the Public Encounters ‘Land Pollution’, ‘The Shax's Attack’, ‘Doom Dragon Egg’ where they don’t start after maintenance. Now they start once every two weeks.
  • Added missing boss location to Bloodstone Stronghold map.
  • Item ‘Heavy Longboard Shield’ texture quality improved.
  • ‘Flame of Life and Death’ level 1-4 skill icon error fixed.
  • Corrected the effect description of the skill ‘Frozen Blood healing’.
  • Healing Shot combat record display error fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where In the Draconic Sanctuary, players that join or leave halfway when summoning the boss cannot see the time Left.
  • New player’s Dragon Egg Voucher changed from “tradeable but cannot be sold to merchants, cannot be discarded” to “untradeable, cannot be sold to merchants and cannot be discarded.”
  • Localization changes for several mastery skills and items

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