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This offer comes straight out of the hellfire!

Hades is looking for fearless rulers again! February 24, 2017

This offer comes straight out of the hellfire! - Hades is looking for fearless rulers again!

From the underworld arises the mighty dragon Hades. Hades Hellfire - Pack is available for a short time only and includes everything a ruler of the underworld requires.

The night isn't quite dark enough for you? The wretched screams from the underworld can't touch you?? Then the Hades Hellfire - Pack is for you!

The pack included Hades, who glides through the darkness and controls the shadow-beings from hell.

Also to be found in the pack is the Ravenstorm costume with fitting Ravenstorm wings. With this outfit and Hades, you are worthy of being ruler of the underworld.


You can get the pack from 26th February, 23:59 CET in the in-game Marketplace under Special Offers.


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Weekly Dragon Deals

Check out our new Dragon Deals in the in-game marketplace! February 20, 2017

Weekly Dragon Deals - Check out our new Dragon Deals in the in-game marketplace!

Three adorable dragons that can rule the world of Auratia are now available. Take a look at the special offer!

New Dragon Deals are available! Three breathtaking dragon arrived in the in-game marketplace! Each dragon is available in a Lucky Box in the Special Offers. See for yourself!



Infernal Devourer


Blue Flower

The dragons will be available in the marketplace until Monday, February 27th at 12:00 CET. Don't miss them!

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Too much love? There's a cure for that!

Do you think you got it in you to tame these Dragons? February 17, 2017

Too much love? There's a cure for that! - Do you think you got it in you to tame these Dragons?

Was valentine's too sweet and affectionate? There's something for that! You can get three dragons for 3999 Diamonds each, this weekend only!

Cold, hard and restless hearts are exactly what you need if there's too much sweet-talking. If you're fed up with Valentine's day now, take a look at this weekend sale. Do you think you can tame these Dragons?


Iron Heart

This fearsome Dragon was named after his iron body. Even if he looks terrible, he generally is a loveable being.


Heart of Snow

His mighty roar was mistaken for an impending blizzard even by the locals of his frosty home.

Thorned Rose

This elusive Dragon hasn't got a home like everybody else. He constantly travels about, which confused some members of the Laedis-Academy.


The sale finishes on Sunday, February 19th, 23:59 CET. You can find the deals in the in-game Marketplace under "Special Offers".

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Red roses? Want some red roses?

New weapon costume boxes are now available in the in-game marketplace February 16, 2017

Red roses? Want some red roses? - New weapon costume boxes are now available in the in-game marketplace

Eight new lucky boxes containing weapon costumes are available on the in-game marketplace through sunday.

Valentine's Day is over! The fight is on again! Well, almost! Because everyone, who fights for true love, can now get special weapon costumes in the current lucky boxes. You can get everything with sugar and roses on it if you're lucky.

For every weapon type (1-Hand and 2-Hand) per class you can obtain one of five costumes per Lucky Box. The promotion goes on until Sunday, 19th February 23:59 CET.


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Kindred Compass Update

Better than Roulette February 16, 2017

Kindred Compass Update - Better than Roulette

Check out the new Kindred Compass with dragorific offers.

Take luck into your own hands. The Kindred Compass has been updated and there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Compass Highlight: Red Coral


Spin to win!

Where: in-game under “Kindred Compass”.

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Valentine’s Day bonus promotion

Shopping’s getting rewarded now! February 13, 2017

Valentine’s Day bonus promotion - Shopping’s getting rewarded now!

Valentine’s Day is right ahead! A day for lovers! But not every Osira finds true love on their first try. That’s why we have the Valentine’s bonus promotion. Treat yourself and your shopping experience will be rewarded on top.

You will have the opportunity to earn special gifts in this very special Valentine’s promotion. Make Valentine’s a day all about yourself and get the chance to show all couples how nice it can be to enjoy your own freedom with the Wings of Revenge.

It’s your choice! The more you spend on your shopping trips, the more rewards you can get. You even have the chance to choose one out of thirty Marketplace Dragons!

How does the bonus promotion work?

  • Every Diamond purchase you make on the in-game Marketplace during the promotion period counts
  • Only purchases on your account for yourself count.
  • Presents, under the advanced buy option, or purchases not done via the in-game Marketplace do not count


What are the rewards?

Depending on the amount of Diamonds spend on the Marketplace, you can earn additional rewards with every new step!

  • from 2.500 Diamonds – three Dragon Training Whips
  • from 5.000 Diamonds - five Morgath Invocation Orb I
  • from 10.000 Diamonds - Wings of Revenge
  • from 20.000 Diamonds – two Academy Skill Crystals
  • from 30.000 Diamonds – Marketplace dragon free of choice out of a list of thirty dragons*
    *for a character without special skills, the list of Marketplace Dragons you can choose from is here. You can only choose a dragon from the list.


All shopping experts will receive their rewards directly to their account storage after the promotion ended. Anybody who spend over 30.000 Diamonds have to choose the dragon from the list above. Please contact Lalahon on the forum via a private message in the next 30 days. If you don’t, the valentine’s magic expires and the dragon cannot be delivered.

Event period: Monday, 13th February at 18:00 CET – Sunday, 19th February at 23:59 CET.

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Prince & Princess

Everything the heart of a princess desires. February 10, 2017

Prince & Princess - Everything the heart of a princess desires.

Be it unicorns, noble dragons, magical outifts or fearsome weapon costumes - with these deals you're surely equiped to handel a valentine's date.

For our princesses

It doesn't matter if you already found your prince for Valentine's Day or if you're still looking - with these you'll charm everyone.

A package awaits, containing these elegant robes, royal weapon costumes and a magical effect for your weapon.

But what would be the perfect outfit without a fitting steed? That's why we have a small Lucky Box full of dragons for a real princess.


For our princes:

The task of a prince is to defend his princess or rescue her from a dark tower - which is absolutely no problem with this package!

We have a shining armor, a fearsome weapon costume and a flaming effect for your weapon. 

To make your slaying of evil dragons a bit easier, our princes also get a steadfast steed! For you, there's a Lucky Box in store with dark and gruesome dragons.


The offer will run until Sunday, February 12th at 23:59 CET.

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Love goes through the stomach

Cupid's kitchen needs your help! February 10, 2017

Love goes through the stomach - Cupid's kitchen needs your help!

Do you think you can save the festival of love?

Osira! As you know, the way to everyone’s heart is through the stomach. There’s quite the turmoil in Cupid’s kitchen – his flavorings are empty! You can help him restock in the next few days!

Give everything you got – or rather cook it. Players of every level can help, you just have to craft the appropriate flavoring (Profession “Chef”). If you crafted enough flavorings, there are some rewards waiting for you!


The Event

Your player level decides in which group you will be, not the level of your Chef profession. Please keep in mind that only flavorings from your group count towards your progress in the vent.

Cupid’s list of supplies is as follows:

Group 1: (Lvl 1-72)

  • Ordinary Flavoring
  • Qualified Flavoring
  • Reinforced Flavoring
  • Concocted Flavoring
  • Handmade Flavoring

Group 2: (Lvl 73-104)

  • Ground Flavoring
  • Special Flavoring
  • Superior Flavoring

Group 3: (Lvl 105)

  • Superior Flavoring


So, in numbers: Players up to level 72 have to craft flavorings of group 1, players from 73 to 104 belong in group 2 and level 105 players will craft flavorings of group 3. Pay attention to your Chef level, so it doesn’t fall behind.


Eligibility Requirements

Taking part in the event isn’t very hard. All you have to do is some merry cooking. You can use these flavors in any way you like, Cupid gets them every way – magic! Only crafting the flavorings yourself counts.

But beware, there are additional requirements: flavorings only count if they contain hand-picked herbal ingredients. If your dragon helps you out by bringing a large bulk of meat, that’s alright. Grass has to be picked by hand with love. You can taste the difference.

Every grass has to be hand-picked by the participating character during the event!

To which group you belong is decided at the end of the event. If you start the event on level 70, but you level past 73 in the next seven days, only the flavorings crafted for the higher group (starting at 73) will count. Plan accordingly!

Only one participation per player!


Rewards are given out according to the amount of crafted flavorings. It doesn’t matter which flavoring out of your group you craft, every one has the same worth.

The rewards are graded as follows:


Group 1 & 2:

  • 100 Flavorings: Small Reward
  • 300 Flavorings: Medium Reward
  • 500 Flavorings: Big Reward
  • 800 Flavorings: Super Reward

Group 3:

  • 200 Flavorings: Small Reward
  • 500 Flavorings: Medium Reward
  • 700 Flavorings: Big Reward
  • 900 Flavorings: Super Reward


Good luck, Osira! Cupid counts on your support.


The event takes place from 11th February, 00:01 CET until 19th February, 23:59 CET.

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Cupid is spreading his love on the Marketplace

Special Valentine’s Item for a limited time! February 9, 2017

Cupid is spreading his love on the Marketplace - Special Valentine’s Item for a limited time!

Fitting for Valentine's Day, you can now transform your house into a lover's nest. Relevant pieces of furniture are available in the Marketplace now!

Pure romance! Are you looking for a fitting place to schmooze your valentine? With a few candles and our romantic valentine's housing packs your home will be transformed into a lover's den in no time. Just take a look at the pictures to get a preview of what's waiting for you. The detailed content of the packs can be seen in-game.


Dinner for Two

The first romantic advances are way easier during a candlelight dinner. A pompous valentine living landscape in gold and pink awaits.


Royal Romance

In the living room is where it gets cozy.


Love Nest

Just in case, there's a matched bedroom too.

Candlelight Bathing

The crowning finish is this hot pool pack. Can you get your date to leap in?

The packs are available until 19th February, 23:59 CET.



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Love Is a Strong Companion

Valentine’s Day Events February 8, 2017

Love Is a Strong Companion - Valentine’s Day Events

The deep connection to one’s dragon is one of the strongest emotions that an Osiran knows. This joy is something you can share with your friends in our Valentine’s Day events because together you form an unstoppable team.

What would Valentine’s Day be without events? And to make the most of it, we’re getting a head start on Wednesday!

Instead of playing alone, these games will encourage you to work together with your friends and fellow Osirans in the spirit of mutual affinity.

Overcoming Obstacles Together

To prove the power of partnership, give your friend a piggyback ride through an obstacle course full of buffs and debuffs in record time. But be careful – other players will set nasty traps along the course in order to really test your friendship.

There are various rewards at the end, depending on how long it takes you to get there. This event can be played every day at 13:00, 19:00, 21:00, and 23:00 CET and lasts for one hour each time. If you need help, have a look in our Forum.

The Balloon of Love

Once per day, you can burst a heart-shaped balloon in order to receive a Valentine’s Day gift. Don’t miss your chance.

Valentine's Quest

There is a special sequence of quests only possible during this special time of infatuation and dedication - Valentine's Quest! Starting in Artecia at Arteicia Ethics Committee Chairman Izmir, Osirans can take the quest "Entrance Exam" to lead them on a special romantic adventure which can result in Titles, Title Promoters, and a funny pet! If you need help, have a look in our Forum.


End: 22 February, 09:00 CET


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