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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year - Patch: 2.2.1503 - 29/1/2015 content 2.2.1503 - 29/1/2015

New Content


Chinese New Year Event

This year will introduce a new event, the Dragon Parade! Osirans must collect firecrackers and sacred fireworks, launch them and summon a creature of legend.


2015 Chinese New Year patrol dragon

Auratia will see its next Chinese New Year celebrations, which means the Dragon Patrol event will return! Starting Friday, the Chinese dragon family will start appearing, and Osirans will have their chance to capture them and the good luck they bring.


Bug Fixes


Corrected Oracle’s skill description, where effect and effect time of skills “Revenge Slash” and “Revenge Blade” displayed in skill bar was inconsistent with description in Mastery page.

Corrected Ranger’s combo skill page descriptions.

        Bombard has changed to Speedy Bombardment.

        Speedy Bombardment has changed to Reckless Bombardment.

Corrected Ranger’s skill description, Flash Shadow.

Corrected Oracle’s combo skill page, adding “Spinning Blade” above “Soul Assault”.

Corrected skill name on Oracle’s combo skill page, changing “Incineration” to “Burning Wind”.

Corrected Guardian’s combo skill page, where “Landslide Slash” got “Razor Vortex” twice. It now gets one “Razor Vortex”, and “Swipe”.

Corrected Guardian’s combo skill page, where these skills had no description: “Counterattack”, “Continuous Thrust”, “Stamping Bolt”, “Spiral Slash”.

Corrected description of dragon soul skill, “Molten Flame”.

Corrected the problem where Sorcerer’s skill “Burning Flame” wouldn’t show on passivity skill slot after being learnt.

Corrected Ranger’s talent skill description, “Magic Claw”.

Fixed bug where Puretia’s “Commander Palba” doesn’t react when he is attacked by a ranged player.

Fixed a bug where when the dragon flute dragon “Thornlash” attacks, it would cause teleportation problems.

Fixed a bug where Dragon Soul Points were restored when players changed Masteries using a hotkey.  

Players entering the new Open PvP zone will now spawn by the portal and receive a “Dragon’s Blessing” buff while being nearby the portal

Resolved an issue with Oracle’s skill, “Revenge Blade” where before the effect of Revenge Blade wouldn’t increase by leveling up. Sometimes Mirage Slash hit a target but had no effect.


Resolved an issue where these three Korhala quests didn’t have markers on the map: “Nethergloom Belongings”, “I Don’t Think So, Captain” and “Trails of Hales”.

Fixed Ranking Interface

Added minimum limit to game window, set at size 800x600.

Message added that pops up when Party invites have been sent.

If players re-open and re-close the reward interface when they haven’t taken their reward, it will cause the reward interface to not be closed.

Fixed ranger’s combo skill UI, where it showed combo skills such as “Drop” and “Death Blow” to be unusable.

Fixed Russian bug where players cannot create name over 12 characters.

Added window position, size and maximum size function into record window mode.


Fixed a bug where players were not getting their ranked Column of the Prophet reward.

Resolved an issue where NPCs required players to produce Laedis equipment for a quest regardless if they had done before or not. Now players shouldn’t have to do it if they have already completed the quest.

Resolved an issue where the Public Event “No Pax with the Shax” in Avanah Forest didn’t give players rewards.


Fixed a bug where players near Skywo Prowl Cave in Laedis couldn’t fly (Heureka!).

In PvP zones, players could attack and cause damage to teammates’ dragons. Now fixed.

Skill “Cyclone Assault” used to damage up to 6 enemies, that number has been increased to 10.

While mounted, a dragon can use Ironhide Dragon Family Evolution Skill “Solid Rock Shield” and other mounted skills at the same time. Now fixed, when a dragon uses “Solid Rock Shield”, it cannot use mounted skills anymore.

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