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Dragon God Update

Dragon God Update - Patch: 2.1.1412 content 2.1.1412

So far you’ve managed to survive all challenges Auratia has managed to throw at you. However, for this major content patch, we’re doing things differently! With the upcoming patches we’ll focus on the social side of the game; the way new players will be introduced to the game, a new mastery system and much more!

As you may have noticed already, we’ll be explaining why we change, balance and improve the things we do and hopefully give you a better insight of our thought process.

Now with that being said, let’s start off with one of the things we’ll be covering in this update. It’s been a topic on the forums for quite a while, but the mastery update is finally here. We’ll give you a small tl;dr here, with a more detailed description in the patch notes below.

In the new Mastery System in Dragon‘s Prophet, your characters can learn new masteries and skills. All four character classes now have unique masteries, which can help you gradually specialize into a role. From passive buffs to active attacks, the further you progress in the game, the more masteries you’ll unlock.

That’s it for now! Read below for a full list of changes, and we’ll see you next patch! Welcome to patch 2.1.1412.

New content

Tutorial improvement

To accommodate new players, we gave the starter region a unique revamp. We felt like the design of our starter region was slightly lacking and did not cover the basics as well as we originally intended. To go along with this, we added and altered parts of the game hints. We hope that with these changes it will be easier for new players to get to know the game and eventually integrate better at later stages of the game.

Mastery Improvements

With the mastery changes we’ll be overhauling all class’ skill and talent constructions into three tiers. “Basic Masteries”, “Weapon Masteries” and “Dragon God Masteries”.

  • Basic Masteries will lay the foundations for all the mastery systems and will offer each class active and passive skills.
  • Upon completion of the level 10 Mastery training quest, each player will unlock the “Weapon Masteries” tier. This tier allows for further specialization of your Basic Masteries.
  • After completing the level 60 Mastery training quest, you will be able to activate the new “Dragon God Masteries”. These skills are advanced active and passive bonuses based on the Dragon God you select, allowing up to 4 different combinations.

Mastery Quests

Upon reaching level 10 and 60, you will receive a message that will inform you to go and start your Mastery quest. As already mentioned, when you complete one of these quests, you will unlock a new tier of masteries. Older characters that already passed these levels, will have these quests automatically completed.

Mastery Reset Powder

With the revamp of our mastery system, the Mastery Reset Powder has become redundant. We didn’t want to just make these items useless. Instead, you will now be able to exchange Mastery Reset Powder for other items simply by using it. From now on, you will be able to reset your masteries with gold.

Please Note: With the introduction of this new system, we’ll make any mastery reset free of charge until we feel that the new masteries are in a right place.

Treasure Hunt System

Want to go out hunting some treasures with your friends but fear you may never find them? No problem! Artecia will now have Ancient Book stores where you will be able to find clues. These clues will lead you to a place in the world where you will be able to find an “Encrypted Treasure Chest”. Of course this chest is hidden; it’s a hunt after all! You will be able to open these chests by crafting a key or by completing a special mini game!

Spirit Shield

To compensate for some of the abilities the new masteries bring to the game, certain mobs and bosses will have an extra ability called “Spirit Shield”. This means they won’t be affected by crowd control and have a 30% chance to not be affected by critical hits until the shield is broken.

Quest Rewards

We’d like to make sure that questing is a fun experience, not just something that you will have to put up with until you eventually hit your level cap. To assist you in your travels, main story quests will now have purple quality gear for you upon completion. This should actually make you feel like you just completed a part of your character’s story and of course, it will help you to slay your foes even swifter!

UI Improvements

One of our goals for this patch is to let new players learn our game faster and transition easier. We’re adding some extra mini-map features, a quick-swap button that allows you to quickly change your equipment, an unstuck button in the Character Selection Interface and a new player frame effect that will only display when you’re in combat.

Resolved Issues

General Bug Fixes

  • Players who have not advanced past the main story quest “Battle at Consus Cave” in Puretia are no longer able to see Lokfear flying over the land.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented quest markers relating to the NPC “Diggo Wolf” from showing on the map.
  • NPCs within Gaesis’ Roost will no longer accidently start attacking a nearby player’s dragon.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the buff from Riding Potions to disappear when using multiple buffs of the same type.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented players from attacking the “Heart of Handras” in the Shrine of Handras after the boss used the attack “Breath of Handras”.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the in-game ping to spike when loading too many guild lists.
  • Resolved an issue that stopped certain Quest Equipment from being dyed.
  • Resolved an issue that reset the Texture Quality after players would restart their client.


  • The escort NPC for the quest “Vulture’s Bad Deeds” will now display the correct target color.
  • The quest “Captured Station” in Inartia will now correctly reward the oracle with gloves instead of two amulets.
  • Resolved an issue with the quest “Investigate the Skytouched Dragon Museum in Arkema” that could prevent the player from completing it.

Mounted Combat

  • Resolved an issue that caused the mounted combat attack range of dragons such as the Devilish Ironclaw Dragon and Calculus to be too small.


  • Resolved an issue that caused the skill “Crescent Wave” to cause abnormal damage to targets under 20% HP.


  • The skill “Dragon Spell Seal” will now correctly state the amount of damage reduction applied to the player.

Dragons, Arena & Compendium

  • Resolved an issue that prevented dragons from using the skill “Mighty Impact”.
  • Resolved an AI issue when switching dragons in the Dragon Arena.
  • Resolved an issue when sending back a dragon from the Dragon Chamber to the Dragon Stable, its name would not appear correctly.
  • Players will no longer be informed when dragons summoned by a flute are captured or killed.
  • Added several new dragons to the Dragon Compendium.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the texture of the Red Horn’s tail to not load correctly.
  • Resolved an issue where Elemental Exhaustion would not work on NPCs under the effect of Forbidden Roar.

Party Bulletin

  • The Party Bulletin will now correctly display the server of a player.


  • Resolved an issue that caused the “Mysterious Blue Stone” and “Dried Excrement” to no longer respawn after being collected.
  • Adjusted the level required to craft “Secret Healing Potions” and “Superior Healing Potions” to match the level needed to consume them.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the “Sharpshooter’s Scout Helmet” to sometimes display a wrong texture.
  • Resolved a visual issue on the following equipment:
    • Fallow Studded Leather Gauntlets (female)
    • Fallow Studded Leather Helmet (female)
    • Tyre Ranger’s Cloak (female)
    • Tyre Ranger’s Spaulders (female)
    • Tyre Battle Pants (female)
    • Tyre Battle Spaulders (female)
    • Excavator’s Metallic Helmet (female)
    • Excavator’s Battle Hat (female)
    • Tyre Ranger’s Cloak (male)
    • Tyre Ranger’s Spaulders (male)
    • Fallow Studded Leather Helmet (male)
    • Tyre Sorcerer’s Cloak (male)
    • Excavator’s Light Greaves (male)
    • Excavator’s Light Helmet (male).


  • Resolved an issue that caused Siege Weapons to ignore spawn protection. Negative effects may still apply.
  • Resolved an issue where Fire Bombs were not correctly removed from a player’s inventory after a PvP session.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the hotbar controlling mercenaries did not disappear after a Territory War.
  • Resolved an issue where Guerrilla Speculators, Guerrilla Captains and Guerrilla Destroys did not despawn after a Territory War ended.

Dungeons & Events

  • Resolved an issue in Column of the Prophet that prevented players from opening the door correctly.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause the “Leave Instance” button to not display correctly upon completion of Deyarka Tunnel.
  • The message received upon capturing or killing a Wild Dragon is now yellow and will have correct spacing between words.

Known issues

  • There is a chance the game screen might go black and cause your graphic card driver to crash when using new skills.
  • Siege Weapons will sometimes still apply debuffs when a player is under the effect of spawn protection.

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