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Battleground - Patch: 2.2.1510.eu - 26/2/15 content 2.2.1510.eu - 26/2/15

New Content

Battleground - Groll Canyon

With today‘s patch Dragon’s Prophet receives a new exciting feature! The Groll Canyon is a PvP Battleground which is designed for matches of groups with 5 to 10 players per team. The objective is to occupy the camps and to destroy the opposing crystal. You will find more info about the Groll Canyon in our official Dragon’s Prophet forums tomorrow!

-  The Battleground will be active daily, before switching to alternating weeks with Column of the Prophet.

-  The PvP Battleground Merchant will be added at the time of the switch.

Known issue

-  Dragon Shards cannot be traded when the Dragon Shard Bag is full, even if the Backpack still has space.

Bug fixes

-  Players were able to fly in Satuma and thus able to leave Avanah Forest. Now fixed. Flying is not allowed in Satuma.

-  Engagement Ring title error fixed.


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