Welcome to the Dragon's Prophet patch overview page. This page gives you an overview of all the important Dragon's Prophet patches.

Ancient protectors

Ancient protectors - Patch: 2.1.1425 content 2.1.1425

New content


  • Blue Armor & Weapon Recipes will now be usable 20 times up from 5.
  • Blue Potion Recipes will now be usable 20 times up from 10.


  • Previously, only combos consisting of skills you had already learned would be visible. This has been changed and will instead show all possible combos.
  • Slightly adjusted the Mastery Interface to be clearer and easier to understand.
  • You will now be able to decide if you want buff tips displayed or not. You are able to turn them on or off with the “Buff Effect tips” in the UI Settings.
  • The Popular and New item section within the Marketplace will now be able to display all items of a currency of your choosing.

Ancient Dragons

  • Ancient dragons can now only be killed by the player who first tagged it. Goodbye ancient killers!

Resolved Issues


  • Resolved an issue that would sometimes cause two pieces of equipment with the same names to interact and swap places with each other.
  • NPCs with the Spirit Shield will no longer be affected by Frost Aura.
  • Spirit Shield will now instantly be applied again on NPCs upon leaving combat.
  • Resolved an issue where ground-targeted skills would sometimes fail when the player camera was in a horizontal position.


  • Resolved an issue where Searing Rage would display incorrect textures.


  • Resolved an issue where Thunder Wings’ cooldown would sometimes only last 8 seconds.
  • The buff applied after selecting a Dragon God will now cancel automatically once a player swaps between a one-handed and two-handed weapon.


  • Ripping Blade will no longer consume Dragon Soul Points on use.


  • Adjusted the damage values of Impact Core. Previously, when spending 10 points on this Mastery, the skill damage would be drastically reduced.
  • Updated the tooltip of Spinning Blade to correctly display its functionality.


  • Fire traps will now stop dealing damage as soon as they are destroyed.
  • Chain Explosion’s explosive damage can now be triggered correctly.
  • Resolved an issue where players wouldn’t be able to attack for an extended duration after using Piercing Thunder.

Dungeons & Raids

  • Adjusted the respawn time of the Undead Knight. We felt like his respawn timer was too short and have extended it.
  • Players will now correctly be rewarded Riding Points upon completion of the Nucleus of Time.

Dragons, Arena & Compendium

  • Resolved an issue where Elemental Strike would be classed as the wrong skill type. Elemental Strike will now correctly be classed as a Magic type attack.
  • Resolved an issue where Battle Cry would sometimes be learned by non-rare dragons. This skill is now only available to rare dragons.
  • Roar will now only affect NPCs that are attacking its owner. It will no longer have an effect on all nearby NPCs.
  • Resolved an issue where players would be unable to dash underwater if they summoned their dragon above water.
  • Resolved an issue when summoning Whispering Wind from the Draconic Flute would cause your client to sometimes crash.

Known Issues

  • Upon logging in after the patch, the Daily log-in will be reset.
  • When using Catalysts for crafting, players will see an empty tutorial.

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