Welcome to the Dragon's Prophet patch overview page. This page gives you an overview of all the important Dragon's Prophet patches.

Guild Welcoming Update

Guild Welcoming Update - Patch: 2.2.14662 - 13.11.2014 content 2.2.14662 - 13.11.2014


Guild Welcoming System


  • Provides benefits for both newbies and experienced players for joining a guild: Experienced players get benefits for helping newbies, and the guild also gets benefits. The system will prevent veteran players from creating twinks for exploitation.

  • If you are in a party with a character over lvl 60, all party members can stack a 20-min buff when defeating a dungeon boss; Dragon Runes and Dragon Elements will be given according to character’s level and amount of boss’s buff.
  • Guild also gets related guild rewards e.g. war points and guild points when characters reach lvl 90, and the character itself gets a rare dragon egg as a gift for the effort.

Bug Fixes


  • The quest “We need more information!” is now correctly categorized as being for Auratia.
  • Resolved an issue during siege war where the “Resource Points” from ore collection were incorrect.
  • The collection of alliance Resource Points is limited to 1000 when using “Snowdrift Crystal” or “Crimsonfeather Carrier”.
  • Changed the amount of protection time players have when they are successfully protected or challenged. Increased from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to transfer bound items to other accounts from a storage chest.
  • Fixed the “Unhatched Dragon Egg of the Sunlight” so that it has 0% chance of hatching a green rarity dragon.
  • Fixed the issue where players received the title “Met Balge” when they summoned and rode Hazul the Swirling Flame.
  • Added the second stage crafting materials (crafting levels 101-110) from the merchants: Shrewd Logistics Merchant and Hardworking Logistics Merchant.
  • Fixed incorrect skill description for “Corrosive Flame”. Original description said dragon affinity has additional damage, but it should be “INT”.
  • Fixed an issue where, when a dragon has learned Fiery Hunting and Ripping Strike, if the target has the Fiery Hunting status, Ripping Strike will inflict one-time damage including Corrosive Flame physical damage + Corrosive Flame damage from INT, not Dragon Affinity.
  • Fixed a bug with the dragon skill “Will to Live” so that it can successfully block one lethal attack. Previously if the enemy’s attack was too strong, it would stop the dragon from triggering this skill correctly and the dragon would die.
  • Fixed a bug for the achievements “Treasure Hunter” and “Azores’ Treasure” so that now when a player has over 2 Holy Relics of Occultist Azores, it will not be active, and players will receive a tip saying that the Holy Relics of Occultist Azores need more time to recover power.
  •  Resolved an issue with the Puretia quest: “Kotter Pass” where Prax Quistern would stay in the same place instead of restarting the fight.
  •  Resolved an issue with the Thadrea quest “Suspicious Fellow” where the Suspicious Soroto Soldier would get stuck when other players blocked him.
  • Resolved an issue with the Thadrea quest “Defeat Margery” where a player would get stuck if someone had just finished the quest.




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