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Osirian VIPs

Osirian VIPs - Patch: 2.2.1487 - 18th Dec 2014 content 2.2.1487 - 18th Dec 2014

New Content

Laedis Set Quest Update

Laedis Set level increase: from LV 94 to LV 102

Players are able to accept “Earring of Glory” related quests now, but! The rewards can only be redeemed at the end of January.


VIP System

For every day a player will log into the game, they will receive VIP experience, allowing them to gain VIP levels. The VIP experience can also be increased using purchasable Diamonds. The eleven different VIP levels not only bring prestigious titles, but also exclusive icons. In addition to that, the daily rewards are now available from the first VIP level on.

Here’s an overview of all the bonuses of the VIP system:

  • Daily rewards from VIP level 0 on
  • Extension of the dragon stable slots
  • Experience bonus
  • Experience bonus when crafting
  • Increased drop rate for normal items
  • Increased drop rate for rare items
  • Raise of the cap for daily quests
  • Free teleportations every day

Note: The rewards are subject to change in the future.


New End Game Content: Phases I and II

Phase 1: No Pax with the Shax

The Deyarka Bastille Emergency Recruitment Officer in Arteicia has asked you for assistance against the Shax in the Avanah Forest region.

If you arrive there you will see the entrance to Deyarka Bastille being heavily guarded.

In order to get in there and prevent the Shax from conducting their Dragon Bone experiments, players will first need to collect a few items from 3 different areas you can only get access to by summoning portals. To summon these portals Transportation Devices must be found and used.

To get these players will need to defeat Shax Engineers and their robotic creations until they face the Osiran Eliminator eventually. Defeat this guy to get your hands on the required Transporation Devices.

Use the Transportation Device to Mount Sorthina, Transportation Device to Silia Shrine or Transportation Device to Omati Gorge to open 5-minute-portals and get access to the respective dungeon for your and your group (up to 5 players each).


Phase 2: Mount Sorthina

This is a jump map (hooray!). Players will need to jump their way up into the heart of the volcano where players will have to eradicate Flame Flowers to stop the lava from rising and then defeat Mad Izamu’s Offspring to have its Treasure Chest appear.

Among standard rewards players will find items required for the new Laedis Hero Set Enhancement quests as well as different items (Frost Dragon Essence, Tranquilizer etc.) that will be required to survive in Phase III…(much mystery)


Phase 2: Silia Shrine

Make your way through the dungeon and defeat the Royal foe that awaits you.

Same as with phase I, players will find items required for the new Laedis Hero Set Enhancement quests as well as different items (Frost Dragon Essence, Tranquilizer etc.) that will be required to survive in Phase III…(still very mysterious)

Phase II: Omati Gorge


In Omati Gorge players will first have to make their way through the dungeon once to then pick up, hold and protect a Dragon Egg.

Players will have to bring this egg all the way back to the dungeon entrance and defeat a certain Not-So-Frenzied enemy to take a few valuable items from him.

Lastly - you guessed it - players will find items required for the new Laedis Hero Set Enhancement quests and different items (Frost Dragon Essence, Tranquilizer etc.) that will be required to survive in Phase III...(last time)


Bug Fixes

-    Fixed a bug with the elite skill “Barbaric Ferocity” where it is not triggered by the use of “Barbaric Ferocity”.
-    Fixed missing texture bug of “Exotic Wand”.

-    Fixed bug of spell “Cyclone Assault” where it would cause abnormally high damage when elite skill “Assault Tornado” was learnt.
-    Fixed a bug with Guardian mastery skill “Invincibility”, where points were not allocated to it between level 18 and 20.
-    Fixed bug where whilst holding an unhatched dragon egg, you are allowed to use action “Rolling to left/right”.
-    Public Event ” Attack of the Dracolich” was not marked on the big map and mini map. Now fixed, Public Event boss is marked now on both maps.
-    Quest “A Study on Toxicity of the Doom Dragon” description said players need 5 Screeching Doom Dragon Teeth, but actually they need only three. Description fixed now.
-    Duskreaver Dragons’ Resistance (lvl 1 ≈ 125) was 10~12 times higher than other dragons (lvl 1 ≈ 12), now fixed, Dustreaver Dragons’ Resistance is the same as other dragons.

-    Column of the Prophet revamp gameplay rules adjustment:

Treasure Chest Game (rule adjustment)
-    When opening an unknown treasure chest, only the character that opens it will get the reward instead of a random character in the group. The reward will go into this character’s backpack directly, and will be shown only in chat window msg. “Column of the Prophet Mysterious Key” will be displayed on the screen, players can decide who is going to open the chest.

Strike a Demon (difficulty adjustment)
-    Solo players will get three lives. Being killed once by Grim Reaper will now cost one life. Players get “Flame Protect” for 5 sec after losing one life. If players get killed with no lives left, they will fail.

 Death Snipe (rule adjustment)
-    When players get hit by snipers, they get a hit mark that lasts for 10 sec. Every hit mark decreases players’ healing by 20%. Max decrease is 100%.

Protect Dragon Egg (rule adjustment)
-    Self-destruct Goblin, Goblin Bomber, Charging Wild Boar’s Prophet Magic Shield amount decreased while in a group of 1~2.

Blow Wind Blow (difficulty adjustment)
-    Wind Element’s healing decreased when players defeat Small Corrupted Wind Elemental. The max amount of Tornado (after Wind Element uses Wild Wind) will change according to the numbers in a group (1 player – 3 tornados, 5 players – 7 tornados). Players can no longer cancel the death penalty by dismounting when inflicted by Wild Wind.

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