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New Bright Year Gacha

A Crazy Amount of Gachas January 30, 2015

New Bright Year Gacha - A Crazy Amount of Gachas

This is crazy. Crazy, but good. Get the best gachas from the Marketplace.

Without much ado, here’s your weekend! And it’s got everything that dragon fans could wish for. For example a crazy gacha offer. Check it out, you’ll probably find a few gachas you’ll like!


  • NEW Bright Year Gacha
  • Chinese Family Gacha
  • Napolite Gacha
  • PvP Gacha
  • Dragon Training Gacha

Where: On our in-game Marketplace under “Specials”
When: Starting today and until Sunday, 1 February at 23:59 CET

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Draconic Colors

Dragon Offer in all Colors with new Dragons January 29, 2015

Draconic Colors - Dragon Offer in all Colors with new Dragons

Where there is light, there is also shadow!

The cold season brings us long black nights and some souls can't defend the darkness. Can the hero ignite the light and bring back color into the world? Or will he fall for the power of darkness?
Enjoy our exciting selection of dragons in all the colors of the rainbow, and look out for the particularly rare Black Edition!


  • Color Edition: NEW Iron Heart
  • Color Edition: NEW Violet Chaos
  • Limited Black Edition: NEW Dark Gloom
  • Ruby Exclusive Edition: NEW Maroon Wings




Brighten up your stable with these diverse creatures!

Where: in our in-game Marketplace under “Draconic Colors” and in the Ruby Marketplace
When: now through 4 February 2015 at 23:59 CET

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VIP Visit

The Queen of the Moon Dragons is coming to Auratia! January 29, 2015

VIP Visit - The Queen of the Moon Dragons is coming to Auratia!

Gather your Moon Dragons and prepare for the Queen’s visit.

It’s finally time! For weeks, you have been collecting Moonlight Coins to attract the various Moon Dragons and capture them. Finally, Queen Whirlmoon has announced her arrival to visit those of you who have managed to hatch all of her Moon colleagues*. If you manage to impress her, she might stay with you forever!

Please note: During the time of analysis (Saturday, 31 January between 00:00 and 15:00 CET), all of your hatched Moon Dragons have to be placed either in your Dragon Lair or Dragon Stable. Dragons that are placed in the Dragon Chamber or Unhatched Dragon Eggs cannot be tracked! Whirlmoon will be delivered to all accounts that qualify during the following week.

*Darkmoon, Brightmoon, Snowmoon, Seamoon

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Midas Overload

Dragon Packs on Offer January 29, 2015

Midas Overload - Dragon Packs on Offer

The Midas dragons are here! Eager collectors who simply weren’t yet able to get them from the event can now grab these beauties after all.

They are as famous as actual rock stars in Auratia – no wonder: the marketing experts of the Midas Moonlight are their agents. And they spoil their protégés with everything a real celebrity needs. People who dare to deal with these five dragons’ airs and graces now get the chance to do so. Are you ready for the ultimate lineup? The following dragons can be purchased:

Of course, if you only need one or two of them, you can always get them in their single packs. Check out the website now.

Family Pack

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Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings #37 & #38

Heroes of the Dragon Arena January 29, 2015

Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings #37 & #38 - Heroes of the Dragon Arena

Come forth and test your skills in the weekly Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings. Train your dragons, hone their skills, and get ready to set them loose in the Dragon Arena.

It’s that time of the week once again to check the ladder rankings and reward the best players from each realm.  So without further ado, we present to you this week’s heroes of the arena!

Hall of Fame


  • Arena Warlords (Gold Trophy)
    • Raimy (Jorbyn)
    • Hildurdrake (Lysaia)
    • Shynryu (Chaugnar)
  • Arena Gladiators (Silver Trophy)
    • Eyyooo (Jorbyn)
    • Poisonblack (Lysaia)
    • Crystlou (Chaugnar)
  • Arena Challengers (Bronze Trophy)
    • Todesengel (Jorbyn)
    • Brindisi (Lysaia)
    • Hydrae (Chaugnar)
  • Arena Warlords (Gold Trophy)
    • Korionas (Jorbyn)
    • Hildurdrake (Lysaia)
    • Louck (Chaugnar)
  • Arena Gladiators (Silver Trophy)
    • Mifodelika (Jorbyn)
    • Calisira (Lysaia)
    • Shynryu (Chaugnar)
  • Arena Challengers (Bronze Trophy)
    • Holysmoke (Jorbyn)
    • Nydasia (Lysaia)
    • Domitien (Chaugnar)

Don’t hesitate to partake in the Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings yourself to join the ranks of heroes in the Hall of Fame.

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Server Maintenance

Chinese New Year January 28, 2015

Server Maintenance - Chinese New Year

On Thursday morning, European Realms will be offline for scheduled maintenance. During this time, we will start the Chinese New Year celebrations!

Dragon’s Prophet’s realms will be offline and all players will be unable to login during a scheduled maintenance on Thursday 29th January.

Realm Downtime
  • Start: 08:00 CET
  • End: 13:00 CET

In this patch Auratia will see its next Chinese New Year celebrations, which means the Dragon Patrol event will return!  Starting Friday, the Chinese dragon family will start appearing, and Osirans will have their chance to capture them, and the good luck they bring!

This year will also introduce a new event, the Dragon Parade! Osirans must collect firecrackers and sacred fireworks, launch them and summon a creature of legend…

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Chinese New Year in the Kindred Compass

This is better than any Fortune Cookie January 28, 2015

Chinese New Year in the Kindred Compass - This is better than any Fortune Cookie

Check out the new Kindred Compass with dragorific offers.

Take luck into your own hands. The updated Kindred Compass will be available for one week, and there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Compass Highlights:

  • Onyx Fortune
  • Saphire Fortune
  • Fortunate Potion (7 days)
  • 1000 Dragon Provisions

Spin to win!

Where: in-game under “Kindred Compass”
When: now through 3 February

- Kindred Insignias in Specials -
If you check out the “Specials" in our in-game Marketplace, you can save 33% on Kindred Insignias!


Ingame Gift Packs
  • Companion Packs
  • Dragon Awakening Gift Pack


Who doesn't like to cuddle sweet furry pets.. but wait.. Spiiiders?!

How to

Simply choose one of the available packs from the Specials category in our in-game Marketplace. Click on the shopping cart symbol and then on the button “Send Gift”. An email window will pop up. Type in the name of the receiver, add a greeting and click “Send”! It’s that simple!

Where: On our in-game Marketplace under “Specials”
When: Until Sunday, 1 February 2015, 23:59 CET



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Madness Winter Sale

Discounts all over the Marketplace! January 27, 2015

Madness Winter Sale - Discounts all over the Marketplace!

The great Winter Sale has come to Auratia.

Greetings, Osirans!

Osirans, who go shopping in Auratia this week, will be happy to hear that prices have been reduced a lot! You can go to the Marketplace right now and save heaps of Diamonds in the current Winter Sale of 2015.

In addition, selected dragon packs have been reduced as well. Get up to 50% discount on our website packs.



So, don’t waste any more time and travel to Auratia to save big during our Madness Winter Sale!

The Sale ends on 1 February 2015, 23:59 CET.

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Weekly Gacha Deals

Different dragons for incredible prices January 26, 2015

Weekly Gacha Deals - Different dragons for incredible prices

Get the best gachas of the week – at incredible prices and always new.

These rare Auratian beauties can now be found in our Weekly Gacha Deals. The gacha chests emit red-hot sparks as they contain some truly fiery dragons:



Where: In our in-game Marketplace under “Weekly Gacha Deals”
When: Now through Sunday, 1 February 2015 at 23:59 CET

Note: Each gacha gives you one prize. The full list of possible gacha contents can be viewed in our in-game Marketplace.

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Dragon of the Week

Seeker January 26, 2015

Dragon of the Week - Seeker

In “Dragon of the Week”, the Infernum Community Team highlights a dragon from the world of Auratia.

Seekers are feared by many, even certain dragons that are bigger than themselves. Forests that are homes to Seeker dragons are considered extremely dangerous. Using their jet black hide to remain unseen in the night, they sprint at breakneck speeds along the forest floor, taking their prey before they know what’s happening. Most dragons keep to the skies above the trees instead.

Hunting in small groups, they identify the positions of their pack-mates by the yellow horns on their upper arms, so they can coordinate an attack on unsuspecting victims. A shiver has been sent down many a spine when their blood-curdling screeches of victory are heard, announcing yet another successful hunt.

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