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Get Twice as much from the Bazaar

25% off and Twice the Rubies! July 31, 2014

Get Twice as much from the Bazaar - 25% off and Twice the Rubies!

Juicy discounts in the new bazaar with top items and twice the Rubies! Best thing is…it’s one day earlier!

It’s bazaar time again, and this time, it’s one day earlier! Not only do the merchants offer a discount of 25%, they also give you twice the amount of bonus Rubies on every purchase!

These Rubies can be exchanged for awesome and exclusive items!

Offer Highlights:

  • 5x Academy Dragon Soul Crystal
  • 100x Dragon Training Whip
  • 25x Dragon Shard Socket Key
  • 25x Laedis Academy Provisions
  • 10000x Dragon Provisions

Find them here: In-game Marketplace: “Auratian Bazaar”

Promotion ends on Sunday, 3 August 2014 at 23:59 CEST.

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New and forever!

Dragons that don’t quit. July 31, 2014

New and forever! - Dragons that don’t quit.

These three very special dragons are now available permanently, and FroYo is a completely new dragon that has found its way to Auratia!

These outstanding dragon specimens have chosen our Marketplace website as their new home.

They are now available permanently and just waiting to join your collection:

And say hello to the outwardly cool but very warm-hearted FroYo! You shouldn’t underestimate this new dragon because of its sweet appearance - the creamy smoothness of its fighting style is second to none!

Never miss a great dragon again!


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Find the missing GMs

Rains of diamonds to win! July 30, 2014

Find the missing GMs - Rains of diamonds to win!

Find the three missing GMs and win up to 1,000 Diamonds!

We have an embarrassing announcement to make… Yes, three of our GMs are… lost. They went for a hike on the Sky Islands, and we’ve had no news in several days. Your mission, if you accept it, is to find them!

Of course, all work deserves payment. Three of you, randomly chosen, will receive 1,000, 750, and 500 Diamonds! To participate, you need to post three screenshots on the topic on the forum, one of each GM with your character.

To express their gratitude, the GMs will also hand out an Attribute Transfer Demon Crystal to all those who successfully find them!

The beginning of the rescue operation will be on Thursday, 31 July, at 17:00 CEST. You will have one hour to find them! The end of the operation will be 18:00 CEST.

Good luck!


The Contest

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Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings #20

Heroes of the Dragon Arena July 30, 2014

Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings #20 - Heroes of the Dragon Arena

Come forth and test your skills in the weekly Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings. Train your dragons, hone their skills, and get ready to set them loose in the Dragon Arena.

It’s that time of the week once again to check the ladder rankings and reward the best players from each realm.  So without further ado, we present to you this week’s heroes of the arena!

Hall of Fame
  • Arena Warlords (Gold Trophy)
    • Ozveryashka (Osira)
    • Koenighaeron (Methus)
    • Sheylla (Kleios)
    • Thelvaen (Chaugnar)
    • Choriczon (Argus)
  • Arena Gladiators (Silver Trophy)
    • Tulkas (Osira)
    • Valandur (Methus)
    • Valgaer (Kleios)
    • Megator (Chaugnar)
    • Grywind (Argus)
  • Arena Challengers (Bronze Trophy)
    • Obnimashka (Osira)
    • Kargador (Methus)
    • Legarel (Kleios)
    • Ylianna (Chaugnar)
    • Darkcafe (Argus)

Don’t hesitate to partake in the Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings yourself to join the ranks of heroes in the Hall of Fame. Check back next week for the latest results!

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Claim your reward!

New Items in the Ruby Marketplace July 29, 2014

Claim your reward! - New Items in the Ruby Marketplace

Our Ruby Marketplace has been restocked with exclusive items previously only available during events. Don’t miss this chance to get them!

Get rewarded with a little thank you for every purchase you make. We are thanking all players who buy things in our in-game Marketplace by adding bonus Rubies to their accounts.

Collect enough Rubies and exchange them for cool bonuses! Starting today, the following items are available in our Ruby Marketplace:

  • Transformations
  • Easter in Auratia Festival Items
  • Silver Dragon Festival Items

Check out the full list of items available in our Ruby Marketplace.

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Lucky three

-50% every week! July 29, 2014

Lucky three - -50% every week!

Benefit from 50% discounts for amazing Dragon Packs every week!

Starting today we are offering a 50% sale for 3 amazing Dragon Packs weekly! The following Dragon Packs are currently available half-price:

Don’t miss your chance, this offer ends on Tuesday, 5 August 2014, at 11:59 CEST.

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Dragon of the Week

Dayspring July 28, 2014

Dragon of the Week - Dayspring

In “Dragon of the Week”, the Infernum Community Team spotlights a different dragon from the world of Auratia each week.

This mysterious dragon is rumoured to appear on Auratia's roads to assist troubled travellers during the morning hours, preferring to spend the rest of the day sleeping in its hidden den. Despite his fearsome tusks and the grim expression on his face he is a rather sociable fellow.

Due to his impressive body measurements, Dayspring may be considered a quite greedy and lazy creature. Truth be told, he's a very lively chap and a loyal companion who shields his partner from any harm threatening him on his adventurous path.

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Juicy Daily Deals!

Save 33% every day July 28, 2014

Juicy Daily Deals! - Save 33% every day

Profit from great offers every single day! Save 33% during the entire week.

A new week filled with crazy offers has begun. 2 new item highlights for 33% less. New offers every day!

Today’s offer includes:

  • Server Megaphone
  • 25x Laedis Academy Provisions

If you want to take advantage of these discounts, keep an eye on the “Daily Deals” category of our in-game Marketplace.
Note: This weeks highlights are the Immortal Seraph costume and weapon skins.

Immortal Seraph Costume and Weapon skins

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Make the right Choice, get 2 Dragons

This is an easy one! July 28, 2014

Make the right Choice, get 2 Dragons - This is an easy one!

3 Choices to get 5 valuable dragons, and in the gacha as well as the pack you’ll get two each!

The choice has never been easier. Get the best dragons via the following three ways:

1. Choose One:
All 5 dragons can be purchased individually as an egg which will hatch the 7-10 slot version.

2. Get the Gacha:
Try your luck with the gacha, and you’re guaranteed to get one of the 5 dragons with 10 slots and a title. !Each dragon will be delivered twice this week!

3. All at Once:
Want to strike 5 in one blow? No problem with the dragon pack! All 5 dragons in the pack come with 10 slots and a title. !Get 10 dragons at once as each of these 5 dragons will be delivered twice this week!

This Week’s Selection

Deuces Wild (NEW)
Blueberry (NEW)
Charred Crystal
Morning Sky

You’ll find all these options in the in-game Marketplace under “Draconic Choice” until Sunday, 3 August 2014 at 23:59 CEST.

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Weekly Gacha Deals

New and awesome! July 28, 2014

Weekly Gacha Deals - New and awesome!

Spectacular gachas with awesome dragons, and we offer new ones every week. What a deal indeed!

Until Sunday, 3 August at 23:59 CEST, we’re offering 5 more fantastic 10-slot dragon gachas in our in-game Marketplace under “Weekly Gacha Deals”.

Each gacha gives you a chance of adding one of the following companions to your collection, and the prices are incredibly low:

Note: Each gacha gives you one prize. The full list of possible gacha contents can be viewed in our in-game Marketplace.

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