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Diamond Madness!

Discounts and amazing dragon gifts! August 30, 2014

Diamond Madness! - Discounts and amazing dragon gifts!

The Weekend Madness has found its way into our Diamond packages as well. Save 50% and get new dragons for free!

Experience the sheer madness with a crazy-good Diamond offer! Here’s how you can make the most of this weekend:

  1. From today at 00:00 to Sunday at 23:59 CEST, you’ll save 50% on every Diamond recharge!
  2. Starting with the €19.99 package, we’ll throw in up to two new dragons to sweeten the deal:

Get draconic Diamonds this weekend!

Please note that all recharges via SMS or phone are excluded from this promotion. However, people who choose to recharge this way will receive 100% extra Diamonds instead.


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Design a Dragon

Create your very own dragon and win €500! August 29, 2014

Design a Dragon - Create your very own dragon and win €500!

Ever wanted to fly through the skies on your very own dream dragon? Share your design with us for a chance to have it implemented into the game!

Feel like you could enrich the world of Dragon’s Prophet with a draconic creation of your own? Now is your chance to shine!

Show us your creative skills in the “Design a Dragon” contest and submit your creation to the official Dragon’s Prophet forums.

One outstanding dragon design will be selected by the jury and then implemented into the game by Runewaker. Jury members will be announced very soon, so stay tuned! The winner will receive their very own design-inspired dragon for free once it’s ready, along with a nice little bonus of €500!

Here are the full details of the contest:

Starts: 29/08/2014, 18:00 CEST

Ends: 19/09/2014, 23:59 CEST

  • Have your dragon design implemented into the game by Runewaker
  • Receive your very own dragon for free
  • Go home with a nice bonus of €500

The winner of the Design a Dragon contest will be announced and notified on the 23rd of September.

Good luck to all contestants and happy designing! We can’t wait to see your submissions!


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Weekend Madness

Crazy-good deals! August 29, 2014

Weekend Madness - Crazy-good deals!

We’re offering you an insane weekend full of crazy-good deals. Go mad with a brand-new dragon!

This weekend, the world of Auratia will be turned upside down. No wonder with crazy offers like these…

Things are really heating up, and you don’t want to miss out on these deals. But you only have until Sunday at 23:59 CEST!

1. Madness Dragon Training Pack

2. Twink Power Pack

3. Madness Crystal Pack



NEW: Thorned Autumn Level 100

A new and terrifying dragon! With this pack, you get Thorned Autumn and can level it right up to 100!
Note: This pack is limited to 50 and can only be purchased once per account!

  1. Dragon: Thorned Autumn (account-wide, 10 slots, title with +0.2 Int.)
  2. Pack Name: Madness Dragon Training Pack
  3. Where: in-game Marketplace under “Weekend Madness”


Twinking the Easy Way

This pack can bring your new favorite hero up to the level of your highest character, and you get the dragon Rusted Blade! It also includes expansions for your Bank, Backpack, Dragon Lair, Dragon Stable, and Dragon Chamber, plus lots of useful extras!

  1. Dragon: Rusted Blade (10 slots, title with +0.1 Str.)
  2. Pack Name: Twink Power Pack
  3. Where: in-game Marketplace under “Weekend Madness”


Bag Full of Crystals

If you want to train a very special dragon, this crystal pack is just what you need. From the helpful passive buffs that come with Learning Crystals to the ability to transfer skills from one dragon to another, these crystals are totally worth it!

  1. Pack Contents: 5 Learning Crystals, including one totally new one, plus Academy Crystals and items to unlearn skills.
  2. Pack Name: Madness Crystal Pack
  3. Where: in-game Marketplace under “Weekend Madness”
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Great Bazaar Sale

Save 40% and get the Napolite Gacha August 29, 2014

Great Bazaar Sale - Save 40% and get the Napolite Gacha

Benefit from juicy discounts on the bazaar this weekend. Save a whooping 40% on all offers.

There’s a new bazaar in town, and this weekend, it’s extremely hot again. Get heaps of top items for 40% less. You have to see this!

Bazaar Highlights:

  • 100x Laedis Academy Provisions
  • 100x Dragon Training Whip
  • 10x Backpack Expansion Card 
  • 25x 1000 Dragon Provisions
  • 5x Academy Dragon Soul Crystal        

Where: in our in-game Marketplace under “Auratian Bazaar”
When: now through Sunday, 31 August 2014 at 23:59 CEST.

Napolite Gacha

Napolite Materials: you will need them to craft the strongest equipment in the game, and this weekend you can get them from a special gacha.

Possible Gacha Contents:

  • 20x Napolite Crystal
  • 20x Napolite Ore
  • 20x Napolite Fragment
  • 20x Napolite Powder

Where: in our in-game Marketplace under “Consumables/Crafting”
When: now through Sunday, 31 August 2014, at 23:59 CEST

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The best things are permanent!

Including a New Dragon August 28, 2014

The best things are permanent! - Including a New Dragon

More dragons in the Marketplace! Not only are they available permanently – this time the selection even includes a new dragon, Thorned Rose.

They look good, and they’re raring for battle! Three more dragons have now made their mark on our Marketplace website.

The following dragons are now permanently available and ready to join your dragon team:

And this dragon is like a wild rose. Only those who manage to navigate past her thorns will bask in the light of her true beauty. But if you approach without caution, Thorned Rose will tear you apart with a vicious wrath!

Never miss a great dragon again!


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Quest Rush

A new episode in the Battle for Auratia August 28, 2014

Quest Rush - A new episode in the Battle for Auratia

Band together to work towards a common goal and conquer all the obstacles that stand in your way. You will be epically rewarded for your combined efforts.

Get ready to show us what you've got!

Feeling a bit rusty after your long and well deserved vacation? Don’t worry about it: There is plenty of work to do, whether from merchants, warriors, or simple peasants. They could all use a hand in the combined effort to bring peace back to Auratia! Just what you need to get back on track, right?

You got it: Your mission this week, if you accept it, is to make yourself useful by completing as many quests as possible!

Every quest you fulfil will bring you closer to the next reward tier.

In the distance and through the clouds, the Shrouded Carnage matriarch watches over your efforts: If you prove worthy enough, she will bless each of you hard-working souls with one of her eggs!

This event will start on 28 August at 17:00 CEST and end on 4 September at 17:00 CEST.


For Auratia



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Kindred Compass Update

Better than Roulette August 28, 2014

Kindred Compass Update - Better than Roulette

Get fantastic prizes from the new Kindred Compass – this time with the ultra-strong Obsidian Spectre. Spin to win!

Today is your lucky day! The Kindred Compass has been updated once again, and there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone.

Here are some highlights of the new Kindred Compass:

  • Obsidian Spectre (10 slots + title)
  • Gnarlhorn Gacha
  • Mysterious Dark Red Gacha
  • 1,000x Dragon Provisions
  • 15x Basic Strengthening Crystal

All contents of the Kindred Compass can be viewed in detail in-game.

Where: in our in-game Kindred Compass
When: now through Tuesday, 9 August 2014, at 11:59 CEST


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New Patch Incoming

Realm Downtime: Patch 2.1.1425 August 27, 2014

New Patch Incoming - Realm Downtime: Patch 2.1.1425

On Thursday morning, European Realms will be offline while we apply a new patch to the servers that will address some issues and make some interface changes.

Dragon’s Prophet’s realms will be offline and all players will be unable to login while we apply a new game update on Thursday 28 August.

Realm Downtime
  • Start: 8:00 CEST
  • End: 14:00 CEST

You can read the complete patch notes for Patch 2.1.1425 on the Updates page on the day of the patch and experience it for yourself later in the day.

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Time for a New Look

Osiran Fashionistas! August 27, 2014

Time for a New Look - Osiran Fashionistas!

Ready to try out a new look? No problem. These costume sets will turn any dragon warrior into a trendsetter.

Everyone needs new clothes once in a while. It’s time to suit up for adventure. That’s why we’re opening up our wardrobe to all Osiran heroes!

You’ll look damn good in the following sets, which are available as bundles in our in-game Marketplace:

  1. Fang Set:   2. Disaster Set:   3. Dragonhowl Set:

  4. Saint's Set:

  5. Harvest Set:

Where: in-game Marketplace under “Costumes”
When: now available permanently

Note: These sets are armor items that can be turned into costumes using the Costume Transformation Elixirs included in the bundle. Costumes can be worn by any character, regardless of their level.

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Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings #24

Heroes of the Dragon Arena August 27, 2014

Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings #24 - Heroes of the Dragon Arena

Come forth and test your skills in the weekly Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings. Train your dragons, hone their skills, and get ready to set them loose in the Dragon Arena.

It’s that time of the week once again to check the ladder rankings and reward the best players from each realm.  So without further ado, we present to you this week’s heroes of the arena!

Hall of Fame
  • Arena Warlords (Gold Trophy)
    • Ozveryashka (Jorbyn)
    • Xvalkyriex (Lysaia)
    • Kaiyzo (Chaugnar)
  • Arena Gladiators (Silver Trophy)
    • Obnimashka (Jorbyn)
    • Thulli (Lysaia)
    • Shynryu (Chaugnar)
  • Arena Challengers (Bronze Trophy)
    • Tulkas (Jorbyn)
    • Skyward (Lysaia)
    • Aniia (Chaugnar)

Don’t hesitate to partake in the Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings yourself to join the ranks of heroes in the Hall of Fame. Check back next week for the latest results!

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