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Dragon Compendium Madness

Ancients upon Ancients! August 21, 2014

Dragon Compendium Madness - Ancients upon Ancients!

Crazy times are here again with crazy-many ancient dragons for your compendium!

We’ve got a huge compendium offer for you – crazy-huge! You can get 15 different ancient dragons in incredible stacks at unbelievable prices!

That way, you can fill up your compendium in no time and nothing will stand between you and dragon evolution!

The following dragons are now available in stacks of 1, 5, and 10:

Note: When purchasing, click on the shopping cart button (click for image) and then choose your stack (click for image).

Where: in our in-game Marketplace under “Compendium Madness”
When: now through Sunday, 24 August, at 23:59 CEST

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Titan’s Fall

A new episode in the Battle for Auratia August 21, 2014

Titan’s Fall - A new episode in the Battle for Auratia

The Battle for Auratia is back! Like every week, this event will test your capacity to free the world from evil, accomplish difficult tasks, and gain new experiences like a pro.

It’s another beautiful morning in the glorious streets of Arteicia, one of those special days when you can feel a brand-new sense of excitement in the air. Something had shifted overnight. You and your dragons can almost feel that the atmosphere had thickened and the tension had risen, as muttering groups of excited Osirans gather around brand-new bounty posters pinned all along the road.

Mounted on your most faithful companion, you solemnly approach the closest mysterious board. As the crowd steps back respectfully from your way, you eventually get close enough to read the message displayed in big, bold golden letters:



Wicked titanic monstrosities have been terrorizing Auratia’s kind folk for too long. It is time to take them down. The Skyhammer will handsomely reward every Osiran who defeats the following abominations:

  • Lokane Emberstorm - Korhala
  • Shadow of Hadubis and Yermizaar - Korhala
  • Kronos' Phantom - Wynnadia
  • Gaesis' Offspring - Laedis
  • Thunderous Ragewing Dragon King – Puretia
  • Corrupted Ironclaw Dragon – Puretia
  • Regal Emerald Dragon Queen - Laedis


Staggering riches will be handed over to all the brave Osirans who take part in Operation Titan’s Fall.

Every boss from the list you take down will bring you closer to the next reward tier. Should the operation be a success, rare Indigo Flare dragon eggs from the Skyhammer stables will be offered to the heroes.

Gather up your fellow Osirans and join the hunt from 21 August at 17:00 to 28 August at 17:00 CEST.


Please Note: If you are logged in as the event starts, relog to ensure that you are registered by our reward system.

For Auratia

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No Expiration Date!

Permanent Dragon Classics August 21, 2014

No Expiration Date! - Permanent Dragon Classics

These classic beauties are some of the best dragons of all time! And they’re now available permanently.

The selection is getting bigger and better all the time! These are some of the rarest dragons in all of Auratia.

The following dragons are now permanently available on our Marketplace website:

Never miss a great dragon again!


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Good News for Altaholics

Twink Power Pack August 20, 2014

Good News for Altaholics - Twink Power Pack

Give your new character a mighty boost with this pack that packs a powerful punch!

Want a new hero but don’t have the patience to start from scratch?

The Twink Power Pack has everything a new character needs to survive and thrive in the dragon-filled world of Auratia:

  • Instant boost to the level of your highest character
  • More slots for dragons and items
  • Repair, buy, and sell – anytime, anywhere
  • Increased drop rates
  • Equipment enhancement

Act now and save over 50% compared to individual purchase!


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Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings #23

Heroes of the Dragon Arena August 20, 2014

Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings #23 - Heroes of the Dragon Arena

Come forth and test your skills in the weekly Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings. Train your dragons, hone their skills, and get ready to set them loose in the Dragon Arena.

It’s that time of the week once again to check the ladder rankings and reward the best players from each realm.  So without further ado, we present to you this week’s heroes of the arena!

Hall of Fame
  • Arena Warlords (Gold Trophy)
    • Ozveryashka (Jorbyn)
    • Skyward (Lysaia)
    • Aniia (Chaugnar)
  • Arena Gladiators (Silver Trophy)
    • Tulkas (Jorbyn)
    • Luckyfrancis (Lysaia)
    • Shynryu (Chaugnar)
  • Arena Challengers (Bronze Trophy)
    • Obnimashka (Jorbyn)
    • Thulli (Lysaia)
    • Kaiyzo (Chaugnar)

Don’t hesitate to partake in the Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings yourself to join the ranks of heroes in the Hall of Fame. Check back next week for the latest results!

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Server Maintenance

Realm Downtime: Scheduled downtime August 19, 2014

Server Maintenance - Realm Downtime: Scheduled downtime

On Wednesday morning, the European Realms will be taken offline to address the character creation bug and issues with public events.

Dragon’s Prophet’s realms will be offline and all players will be unable to login during a scheduled maintenance on Wednesday 20 August.

During the downtime we’ll address issues with character creation and public events.

When the servers are available again, you will be able to create new characters.

Public events should now working as intended and will no longer stop working.

UPDATE: We made some changes to the Diamond NPC!
Starting today, you will get more gold in exchange for your Diamonds.

Exchange Ratios:
You will be able to earn up to 225k Gold each day instead of 180k. (100 Diamonds)
Per transaction, you now pay 5 Diamonds for 11250 Gold (~ 2250 Gold = 1 Diamond).
These Diamonds are directly added to the NPC's Diamond stock.

Diamonds: You will be able to earn up to 100 Diamonds each day instead of 84.
Per transaction will now cost you 12500 Gold for 5 Diamonds instead of 7500 Gold for 6 Diamonds.

In addition, you will now be able to purchase in sets of 5.

We have also temporarily removed the Siege Weapon Manager from all Sky Islands; we aim to bring him back in the future.

Realm Downtime
  • Start: 8:00 CEST
  • End: 12:00 CEST

You could also try brushing up your Dragon's Prophet Knowledge on DPTome - the community powered resource for Dragon's Prophet Fans.

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3 Times the Fun, 1/2 the Price

3 Dragon Packs on Sale August 19, 2014

3 Times the Fun, 1/2 the Price - 3 Dragon Packs on Sale

New offer, same discount. Get 50% off three fantastic dragons!

Three times the fun at half the price! We have 3 rare dragons on sale. Upgrade your dragon collection today and save 50%!

Half-price this week:

Where: on our Marketplace website under “Special Offers”
When: now through Tuesday, 26 August, at 11:59 CEST


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2 Deals Every Day

Save 33% Every Time August 18, 2014

2 Deals Every Day - Save 33% Every Time

Don’t miss our Daily Deals. You can get 2 new hit items for 33% off every day!

New Daily Deals this week. Get a hefty 33% discount on 2 popular items every day. And the offers are always changing, so keep an eye out!

Today’s Daily Deal:

  • Styx Weapon Box
  • Dragon Re-education Elixir

Where: in-game Marketplace under “Daily Deals”
When: now through Sunday, 24 August 2014, at 23:59 CEST

By the way, the Styx costume and weapon skins will be part of the Daily Deals this week.

Styx costume and weapon skins

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Dragon of the Week

Withering Gaze August 18, 2014

Dragon of the Week - Withering Gaze

In “Dragon of the Week”, the Infernum Community Team spotlights a different dragon from the world of Auratia each week.

Withering Gaze is a mysterious dragon which appears in the cemetery at night and loves to feed on carrion. It has an insatiable appetite, and the carcasses it consumes give it continual strength and an immense fighting potential. Withering Gaze is currently kept in the Marketplace by the Laedis Academy.

As frightening as its countenance and reputation may be, this dragon is a graceful creature with beautiful, shimmering scales. Any Osiran who manages to tame Withering Gaze will have a loyal companion that they can count on in battle.

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Choose once, win twice!

Twice as Nice! August 18, 2014

Choose once, win twice! - Twice as Nice!

3 ways to get 5 incredible companions. And if you opt for the gacha or pack this time, you’ll get two of each dragon!

Once again, it’s time to decide – the choice is yours:

1. Choose One:
All 5 dragons can be purchased individually as an egg which will hatch the 7-10 slot version.

2. Get the Gacha:
Try your luck with the gacha, and you’re guaranteed to get one of the 5 dragons with 10 slots and a title. Actually you’ll get two this week (2x the same dragon)!

3. All at Once:
Want to strike 5 in one blow? No problem with the dragon pack! All 5 dragons in the pack come with 10 slots and a title. OR how about 10 in one blow?! Because this week you’ll get every dragon in the pack twice!

This Week’s Selection

NEW: Silver Arrow
Fleeting Darkness
Twin Shadows

Where: in-game Marketplace under “Draconic Choice”
When: now through Sunday, 24 August 2014, at 23:59 CEST

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