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The Column of the Prophet

Uncountable Challenge Stages April 24, 2014

The Column of the Prophet - Uncountable Challenge Stages

The Column of the Prophet is open today and welcomes all adventurous Osirans. Uncountable stages of deadly encounters and rich treasures await you. Will you make it all the way to the top?

This tower that consists of endless stages will demand a great deal of everybody who dares to enter. Complete stage after stage and face more and more dangerous threats. Monstrous monsters and bosses from all parts of Auratia follow only one goal: keeping you from reaching the top. Every four stages, you will encounter a particularly tough enemy who should be defeated on your way to the top.

But wait, all that hassle is worth the while! You will get better and better rewards with each completed stage, for example materials for the popular Laedis Hero Set or Vanquisher Insignias which can be exchanged for special gear at the Vanquisher Insignias Quartermaster.

It is dangerous to go alone

On your dangerous endeavors, you can count on the powerful support from the Skyhammer Clan. While a Medic will revive fallen comrades at the location of their death, the Skyhammer Guards and the Great Dragon will fight right by your side.

In addition, there will be a Column of the Prophet Battle Quartermaster waiting for you on each stage. He can provide valuable buffs.

On the Way to the Top

In order to get to the Column of the Prophet, you will have to talk to the Battle Herald, who is waiting for you in Arteicia. He will teleport you to the Island of Ancestors, where the legendary tower is situated.

You will find more information on our official forum. Don’t forget to let us know your feedback!

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Ultimate Hunting Pack

Hunt ‘Em All April 24, 2014

Ultimate Hunting Pack - Hunt ‘Em All

This pack contains everything you need to hunt down the strongest bosses and obtain the rarest treasures.

Starting today we are offering the Ultimate Hunting Pack, which contains essential items for the toughest battles and hardest adventures. With it, you can defeat even the strongest bosses and the nastiest monsters!

Curious? Then get this valuable pack by Tuesday, 29 April 2014, at 23:59 CEST.


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Upgrade Your Dragon

SALE: Dragon Costumes and Mannhart Armor April 24, 2014

Upgrade Your Dragon - SALE: Dragon Costumes and Mannhart Armor

Want to turn your awesome Dragon into a real eye-catcher? We’ve got the solution!

Mannhart Armor Sale

Give your dragon an absolutely unique look as well as additional stats with the great Mannhart Dragon Armor! Until the end of this week we are offering a wide variety of amazing Mannhart Armor Set deals:

  • 33% off the Mannhart Saddle
  • Mannhart Armor for Dragon Insignias
  • Mannhart Armlet is available in the Kindred Compass (replaces 1,000 Dragon Provisions)


Dragon Costume Sale

Starting today and until the end of this week we are offering all dragon costume pieces and sets with a 33% discount! If you’d like to buy magnificent dragon gear for such a low price, check our in-game Marketplace under “Dragons/Dragon Costumes”.

Note: Any dragon can wear these costume sets.


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New Titles, Diamonds, and More!

Don’t miss out on these amazing deals April 24, 2014

New Titles, Diamonds, and More! - Don’t miss out on these amazing deals

Stand out from the crowd with new titles and amazing dragons!

Starting today and until the end of the week, get significantly more Diamonds per recharge! Up to 275% more, to be exact! This offer is available until Sunday, 27 April, at 23:59 CEST.

Note: The bonuses for each Diamond package are shown in the package selection screen.

New Title Packs

Always wanted to be the center of attention and bear a title you deserve? Wait no more – new epic titles are now available in packs. Whether it’s fun or serious, without a doubt it will make you a real eye-catcher! You will find all the available title packs in our in-game Marketplace starting today at 10:00 CEST.

Crazy Gacha Day

That’s crazy! A wide selection of amazing gachas have arrived in our in-game Marketplace for laughable prices! This great offer starts today at 10:00 CEST and will be available until Friday25 April, at 23:59 CEST.

Available Gachas:

  • Crafting Gacha
  • Magmaron Gacha
  • Desert Storm Gacha
  • Dragon Provisions Gacha
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Column of the Prophet Update

Realm Downtime: Patch 2.0.1351 April 23, 2014

Column of the Prophet Update - Realm Downtime: Patch 2.0.1351

A call for reinforcements has been made! Skyhammer forces have retaken control of the Island of Ancestors from the Devouring Dragon Army but require assistance to clear out the Column of the Prophet in Dragon’s Prophet’s latest content update.

Dragon’s Prophet’s realms will be offline and all players will be unable to login while we apply a new game update on Thursday, 24 April.

The Column of the Prophet

During the first Great Dragon War, fallen comrades of Lysaia the Omnipotent would be laid to rest within this soaring structure, a silent yet eerie location found on the Island of Ancestors. Since the first war, the bones of these dragons have remained in peace and their specific location left a mystery to those still loyal to the Devouring Dragon…until now.

The Devouring Dragon Army have learnt of this island and have sent forces to capture this once peaceful land in search of dragon remains so they can devour what is left and become stronger.

Skyhammer forces were able to take back the island but with severe losses. The enemy is still in control of the Column of the Prophet, and it will require the people of Auratia to take up arms and aid in defeating those that remain.

Will you be strong enough to reach the top and face the evil that lurks within?   

Realm Downtime
  • Start: 8:00 CEST
  • End: 12:00 CEST

You can read the patch notes for Patch 2.0.1351 on the Updates page on the day of the patch and experience it for yourself later in the day.

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Surprises with Titles

Dragon packs with player titles April 23, 2014

Surprises with Titles - Dragon packs with player titles

Surprisingly good dragon packs that could give your character a title worth bragging about.

True Osiran warriors exhibit a strong bond to their ancient dragon companions. This is especially true with such formidable creatures as Recursive Nightmare, Cold Fusion, and Dark Flame!

When you bear the title of one of these dragons, all the world will know how strong your connection is. Each pack comes with a 10-slot dragon, and an epic player title! The surprise is that you never know which of these glorious beasts you’ll get.

This offer is valid until Friday, 25 April, at 23:59 CEST.


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Time for a new outfit?

Save 50% on selected costume sets April 23, 2014

Time for a new outfit? - Save 50% on selected costume sets

If you’d like to expand your wardrobe, now is the time!

Dragon riders, clothe yourselves! Until Friday, 25 April 2014, at 23:59 CEST, all fashion-conscious Osirans have the chance to dress up in something new. These popular costumes will make you shine like a star on the battlefield!

Save 50% on the following costume sets in our in-game Marketplace under "Special Offers" (shown from left to right):

  1. Ancient Prophet Armor Set (First from the left)
  2. Crystalline Chaos Armor Set
  3. Frozen Razorshade Armor Set
  4. Immortal Seraph Armor Set
  5. Intrepid Corsair Armor Set
  6. Regal Fatespinner Armor Set
  7. Styx Costume Box
  8. Royal Costume Set
  9. Cherry Pink and Windmaid‘s Costume Set (female) / Jet Black and Windman‘s Costume Set (male)

Also in the Marketplace:

  1. Amethyst Dragon Scale Costume (no discount, second from right)
  2. Dark Knight Costume (no discount, right-most costume)
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Boss Hunter 2.0

A new episode in the Battle for Auratia April 22, 2014

Boss Hunter 2.0 - A new episode in the Battle for Auratia

The Battle for Auratia is back! Band together to work towards a common goal and conquer all the obstacles that stand in your way. You will be epically rewarded for your combined efforts. Get ready to show us what you've got!

The wandering commanders of the Doom Legion are back for revenge. You managed to push back their assault last time but will you do it again? Ready your most loyal dragons to end their thirst for blood and bring back peace to Auratia!

Hunt down the following boss monsters and bring them to justice:

  • Corrupted Ironclaw Dragon - Puretia
  • Regal Emerald Dragon Queen - Laedis
  • Lokane Emberstorm - Puretia
  • Shadow of Hadubis and Yermizaar - Wynnadia
  • Kronos' PhantomWynnadia
  • Gaesis' Offspring Korhala
  • Thunderous Ragewing Dragon King Wynnadia

Those World Bosses can only be killed by large groups of brave Osira. They are very strong, but they also carry particularly valuable items with them, so make sure to do your bit: the more you contribute to bringing down these bosses, the more valuable your reward will be! You are Osiran, you were born for this!

All participants who actively took part in the event will find their rewards in the Account Storage whenever an event tier has been unlocked. You may even receive a Midnight Shade Egg for your efforts.

The event will end on 29. April 2014, 16:00 CEST.

Battle for

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New Compass, New Gacha

Kindred Compass Update and Dragon Gacha April 22, 2014

New Compass, New Gacha - Kindred Compass Update and Dragon Gacha

This spring, luck is guaranteed to be on your side. Just give the compass a spin and rake in the prizes!

 Spiky Dragon Gacha

How was your Easter? Did you get sweet surprises by the basketful? We’ll help you continue that lucky streak with our new Spiky Dragon Gacha.

Gacha Highlights

  • Diamond Bulwark (10 slots + title)
  • Pale Radiance’s Twin (10 slots + title)
  • 1,000x Dragon Provisions
  • Academy Knowledge Enhancer
Kindred Compass Update

Not lucky in love? Then try your luck at the Kindred Compass, where you could win some great items!

Highlights of the Kindred Compass

  • Amethyst Dragon Scale Armor Set
  • Jade Soul (with title)
  • Dragon Provisions
  • 10x Academy Provisions
  • Academy Knowledge Enhancer

You can check out the full range of prizes available from the Kindred Compass in-game.

To give you a little help, we’re offering a discount today on Bags of 700 Kindred Insignias in stacks of 3 or 10.

This Kindred Compass offer is valid until 28 April 2014 at 8:59 CEST. May fortune smile upon all Osirans!

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Epic Dragons in Packs

New: Diamond Bulwark and Pale Radiance’s Twin April 22, 2014

Epic Dragons in Packs - New: Diamond Bulwark and Pale Radiance’s Twin

The earliest inhabitants of Tangaroa Mine have arrived. Don’t miss the chance to add them to your dragon collection!

Starting today, Diamond Bulwark and Pale Radiance’s Twin are available on our Marketplace website! Both dragons come with 10 slots, a player title, an Academy Dragon Soul Crystal, and an Academy Skill Crystal!

Buy these two awesome dragons separately, or get yourself the ultimate Great Dragon Pack with both dragons and double the amount of Academy Dragon Soul and Skill Crystals! This offer is available until Monday, 28 April 2014, at 23:59 CEST.


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