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Oops! It didn’t go as planned.

Our apologies for the extended server downtimes December 19, 2014

Oops! It didn’t go as planned. - Our apologies for the extended server downtimes

Yesterday, Thursday 18/11, and this morning Friday 19/11, we had to perform extended downtimes in order to add and adjust numerous new features to Dragon’s Prophet. Please accept this little redeeming gift!

As you may know, yesterday was a big day for Auratia with the implementation of our VIP Update who brought you several new features, such as new high level PvE content, a new VIP system, the last step of the Midas Moonlight Festival and the delivery of the fabled Sylvaran dragon.

That’s a lot of things, and as you may know, the more you add, the more can go wrong! This update didn’t go exactly as we planned, and we had to put the server down again this morning in order to fix a number of issues. Everything should be back in order now.

To apologize for these extended downtimes, we would like to treat every Osirian with one free ‘Fantasy Dragon Spirit Powder’.

You can redeem it now with the code:


As this maintenance may have perturbed your dragon egg hatching plans, this little item will allow you to improve the encounter rate of purple dragons by +10% and to decrease the encounter rate of blue dragons by -10%.

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Crazy Weekend

A Crazy Amount of Angeboten December 19, 2014

Crazy Weekend - A Crazy Amount of Angeboten

This is crazy. Crazy, but good. Get the best offers from the Marketplace.

Crazy Gacha Weekend with new Dragon Training Gacha

Without much ado, here’s your weekend! And it’s got everything that dragon fans could wish for. For example a crazy gacha offer. Check it out, you’ll probably find a few gachas you’ll like!

Where: On our in-game Marketplace under “Specials”
When: Starting today and until Sunday, 21 December at 23:59 CET


Auratian Bazaar

It’s time for a new weekend bazaar. This time the merchants have really loaded up their wagons and are prepared to share their surplus with the dragon warriors of Auratia. This is gonna be a ball!

Where: in-game Marketplace under “Auratian Bazaar”
When: Freitag, 26 December 2014 at 23:59 CET


Kindred Compass Update with Shax Items & Shax Bot

Take luck into your own hands. The updated Kindred Compass will be available for the next two weeks, and there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Spin to win!

Where: in-game under “Kindred Compass”
When: now through 23 December 2014 at 11:59 CET

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Christmas Party Contest!

Throw a party to earn Diamonds! December 19, 2014

Christmas Party Contest! - Throw a party to earn Diamonds!

Throw the best party with your friends in Auratia this Christmas to earn big prizes!

Merry Christmas, Osirans!

We know you’ll be hanging out, drinking mulled wine and eating lots of food with your Auratian buddies this holiday, so we’d like to challenge you to throw the best Christmas party ever!

Invite your friends or your guild to your apartment or house, decorate it to fit with the season, and have a great time! Send us screenshots or some recording (video, livestream, Teamspeak recording...) of your party on Facebook or on the forums, and we’ll reward the most awesome one.

The winner will be showered with Diamonds, enough to give to all their guests, if they’re truly in the Christmas spirit!

Have fun and don’t forget: the more the merrier!

Start: 12:00 CET, 19 December 2014

End: 23:59 CET, 28 December 2014

Join the

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More Diamonds!

Up to 200% more December 19, 2014

More Diamonds! - Up to 200% more

Today you get more. That’s up to 200% more Diamonds with every recharge!

More Diamonds for your money. That’s our motto because we’re giving you up to 200% more brilliant Diamonds!

So if you want a huge haul of shiny Diamonds, don't miss this chance!
Ends: Sunday 21 November at 23:59 CEST


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New VIP System

Early Christmas in Dragon's Prophet December 18, 2014

New VIP System - Early Christmas in Dragon's Prophet

Being part of the VIPs, the elite, the high class – a dream that’s now in reach of every Osira!

The latest patch not only introduced brave dragon riders to the very challenging path to the future endgame dungeon "Deyarka Bastille", it also saw the birth of the brand-new VIP system.

For every day you log into the game, you will receive VIP experience, allowing you to gain VIP levels. The VIP experience can also be increased using purchasable Diamonds. The eleven different VIP levels not only bring prestigious titles, but also exclusive icons. In addition to that, the daily rewards are now available from the first VIP level on.

But there are more reasons to be happy about the VIP system, for example the possible extension of the dragon stables or the cap raise for daily quests. As a VIP player, you will benefit from improved chances for normal and rare items, making the hunt for better loot easier than ever.
Here’s an overview of all the bonuses of the VIP system:

  • Daily rewards from VIP level 0 on
  • Extension of the dragon stable slots
  • Experience bonus
  • Experience bonus when crafting
  • Increased drop rate for normal items
  • Increased drop rate for rare items
  • Raise of the cap for daily quests
  • Free teleportations every day

Will you be part of the club?

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Midas Moonlight: Third Candle

Introducing a New Dragon and one last Game! December 18, 2014

Midas Moonlight: Third Candle - Introducing a New Dragon and one last Game!

Osirans traditionally celebrate the end of the year with a festival dedicated to moon dragons. It’s time to pay a visit to the Moonlight Ambassadors for a last minigame, and to spend your Moonlight Coins on the third exclusive dragon!

Rejoice, Osirans! The Midas Moonlight Festival is in full swing! 

The third Moon Candle shines bright on the Moon Wreath, symbolizing the glare of the new exciting features brought by this third week:

  • The third Moon Dragon, Snowmoon has appeared! Play the minigames and collect enough Moonlight Coins to get its exclusive egg.
  • A new mini game, "Run Dragon Run in Misty Hill”, adds up to the Mirk Mine, Frost Arena, Ogre Forest and Silent Ridge games to allow you to collect even more Moonlight Coins.

This will be our last minigame, but you will still be able to enjoy all existing games until the 8th of January!

Each week of December, a new moon candle is lit, which announces the coming of another new moon dragon to collect.

It is said that Osirans who manage to collect all four moon dragons will win the eternal friendship of the queen of them all, the Whirlmoon dragon!


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Server Maintenance

Path to Deyarka Update December 17, 2014

Server Maintenance - Path to Deyarka Update

On Thursday morning, European Realms will be offline for a scheduled maintenance. During this time, the 3rd stage of the Midas Moonlight event is prepared, we will introduce new PvE endgame content plus another stage toward level 102 Laedis Hero Gear Set.

Dragon’s Prophet’s realms will be offline and all players will be unable to login during a scheduled maintenance on Thursday 18th December.

Realm Downtime
  • Start: 08:00 CET
  • End: 14:00 CET

As the third flame on our moon wreath is lit, a new mini-game called Run Dragon Run will appear after tomorrow's downtime. The third of our storied moon dragons, "Snowmoon" will also be revealed!

Besides that, new exclusive endgame PvE challenges will make a thundering appearance! The mightiest Osirans will be able to work together and gain access to the future high-level challenging dungeon of Deyarka Bastille…




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Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings #34

Heroes of the Dragon Arena December 17, 2014

Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings #34 - Heroes of the Dragon Arena

Come forth and test your skills in the weekly Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings. Train your dragons, hone their skills, and get ready to set them loose in the Dragon Arena.

It’s that time of the week once again to check the ladder rankings and reward the best players from each realm.  So without further ado, we present to you this week’s heroes of the arena!

Hall of Fame
  • Arena Warlords (Gold Trophy)
    • Hulimbao (Jorbyn)
    • Hildurdrake (Lysaia)
    • Odeyssa (Chaugnar)
  • Arena Gladiators (Silver Trophy)
    • Eyyooo (Jorbyn)
    • Brindisi (Lysaia)
    • Sephigan (Chaugnar)
  • Arena Challengers (Bronze Trophy)
    • Convictd (Jorbyn)
    • Glueckskraut (Lysaia)
    • Seyrenwindsor (Chaugnar)

Don’t hesitate to partake in the Dragon Arena Ladder Rankings yourself to join the ranks of heroes in the Hall of Fame. Check back next week for the latest results!

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Ingame Sale 20% OFF

Special Offer: Day of the Dragons & Housing Items December 17, 2014

Ingame Sale 20% OFF - Special Offer: Day of the Dragons & Housing Items

There is always a reason to come back home; especially with a 20% discount on housing items.

Welcome Home

Everybody likes a cozy home, especially during Christmas. Redecorate now and get housing items for 20% less from the Marketplace.

When: Until Friday, 26 December at 23:59 CET.

Where: On our in-game Marketplace under “Housing”.

Day of the Dragon

A 20% discount on the day of the dragon! You can grab 10 popular Ancient Dragon eggs today. Check out the in-game Marketplace under “Specials”.

When: Only today, 17 December at 23:59 CET.

Where: On our in-game Marketplace under “Specials”.



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Path to Deyarka Update

Stand ready for Auratia’s hardest challenge! December 17, 2014

Path to Deyarka Update - Stand ready for Auratia’s hardest challenge!

From Thursday on, Mount Sorthina, Silia Shrine and Omati Gorge will open their gates anew to the toughest and most determined of Osirans… Will you be brave enough to rise to Dragon’s Prophets’ new PvE endgame challenge?

This Thursday morning, 18th December, Dragon’s Prophet Realms will be in maintenance in order to welcome an exciting content update that will open new horizons to the most experienced of Osirans.

The toughest players will have to work hard together in order to eventually gain access to Deyarka Bastille, a future endgame dungeon of unprecedented difficulty.

This bastion holds epic promises of heroic battles and glorious treasures, but will not reveal itself to any undeserving looter… Wannabe explorers will have first to prove their worth and gather three fabled stones before they can even dare setting foot into these hazardous halls.

These three key stones will only be revealed to those able to rise up to these ancient challenges:

  • Mount Sorthina’s fierce guardian
  • Silia Shrine’s ice cold keeper
  • Omati Gorge’s high-speed chase

One shouldn’t head up under-geared and unprepared in this new adventure. Fortunately, the most glorious heroes will now be able to gather new epic materials to prepare for future improvement of their legendary Laedis Hero gear set to the latest level!

Do you think you are prepared? Then see you on Thursday, Osirans!

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